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TESLIANS are like...

by - Friday, January 23, 2015

         Assalamualaikum, Internet travelers! Where do I begin? I have so many things to say now that finding enough words and time to describe them all might just wear my keyboard keys (which would have been tragic really since this laptop isn't completely mine). I'm on my second semester taking TESL if I haven't mentioned it yet and as days roll by, fun things start popping up and I get to fill my incredibly immense leisure time with something beneficial.

          Now for anyone who is wondering what TESLIANS do, then I'll reply that simple question with an equal simple answer. We don't do anything. I'm being as serious as a rhino staring at a "hidden" camera and thinking of whether to charge it or not. Just kidding! Being a TESLIAN doesn't require us to memorize hard core facts, reading tons of books that are ridiculously concentrated with jargon words and pitching up a tent at our study tables 24/7 for the tests. What we do to ace the exams and being the perfect English scholars in University is to:
  1. Reading lots of English novels, magazines and newspapers. 
  2. Catching up on English speaking Youtubers.  
  3. Stay socially active in club meetings (but please, follow the guidelines fixed by Islam).
  4. Making good friends who are as passionate as we are in English. 
  5. Do EVERY assignments given by our lecturers. 
  6. Study hard on phonetics (This is like revising an alien language but still proves to be fun). 
  7. Mix with the crowd. I try not to stay glued with my own course mates. For instance, having friends who take law and engineering is a really good thing because I get to learn things I don't in my course. Hanging out with a lawrian gives me the chance to catch up on current issues and as for engineering, I know what that round metal thing on the roads are for( seriously).
  8. Lastly, which I realize most TESLIANS don't adopt is speaking in English as often as possible.

These are basically the subjects I'm taking this semester. Feel free to browse and quiz me if you want to know more.

College Writing

College Reading
Listening and Speaking
Basic Principles to Education 
Introduction to Literature
CTU (Islamic education)


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