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The Hiking Trip and Everything Else...

by - Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Assalamualaikum, Internet travelers! I actually feel really bad for not posting blog entries in this blog for so long especially because I wasn't busy. Well, not that much anyway. Let's just say I'm starting to get a little active in other events and clubs that has nothing to do with being cooped up in the classroom 24 hours a week. I think it's a good change and I'm managing everything alright as I don't find myself stressed out or divided into half. 

Anyway, I want to narrate back almost everything that had happened in that hiking expedition last Saturday. The bus leaves by 6:30AM so I really needed to wake up early to prepare. I woke up at 5:30AM while all my housemates were sleeping on crowded mattresses outside after a late night movie. I had to do everything in the dark, including fetching my clothes and towels in the locker, tiptoeing to the bathroom, boiling water, carefully dipping my spoon into my hot chocolate drink as not to make any noises and so forth. The only time I let the intense pressure to completely leave me was when I snapped on the lights after the azan for subuh prayer. Basically, I am the only inmate among my housemates who is a part of the hiking event. 

With my rugged blue backpack filled with spare clothes (I realized I'm prone to get involve in disasters), perfumes, etc. etc. on my back and my feet snuggled in my sports shoes, I turned the doorknob and start to make my way to the TV room where we were all supposed to gather. Practically everyone wore similar clothes like me, old shirts and tracksuit bottoms and hauling bags filled with who knows what. I tried looking for any similar faces but the girls were either strangers or people I don't normally talk to. Besides, they were already chaining their arms with one another to sit together in the bus. Whaaat... Then, by 6:35AM, my ex-housemate/ person I like to discuss or debate with appeared, Yong as we call her. Well, that seems to solve everything!

We piled up inside the cosy bus that actually has working lights inside, something I thought could never happen and began munching on the buns and chugging water that they distributed. When I mean they, I mean the ones who help organizing the whole event. For anyone who appreciates sleep, it was the best time to grab this golden opportunity to catch up on a few minutes of sleep. Yong and I, well, let's say we had other better things to do. We chatted about practically everything, from world economic downfalls to sports and law. It was big stuff we were discussing about especially in the early morning on a Saturday, inside a bus full of sleepy heads. 

We have arrived next to the biggest field I have ever seen with a fantastic view of misty hills in the background. The Sun was barely visible behind the peaks. Small houses dotted next to the deserted roads surrounding the field. It was truly mesmerizing to watch. We hopped off the bus and did a few stretching together while we waited for the second bus that carries the guys from campus. Now, here's the thing. I thought only exclusive club members were allowed to join in the hiking but it turns out it was exceptional for the guys since there were so few of them. Almost all the guys were there. Not the best surprise ever but I let it slide for the moment. It was all about the hiking. The girls let the guys do their own stretching before being sorted into our respective groups we have to stick to during the ascend to the peak. 

R and D are my two classmates and both were in my group along with a guy called Sy and two other girls (all TESLIANS). We were Group 8. At the start of the climb, we had to go through a sharp vertical flight of stairs for over an hour. Two of the girls were tired out and we had to make several stops to let them catch their breath. Sy stayed patiently with them while the rest of us slowly pressed on. Luckily for me, after an exhausting try out at futsal several days back, I was already accustomed to vigorous movements and I didn't end up gasping for breath like the others. It was all about controlling my breathing. 

On the way up, I swallowed at least 3 bars of chocolate every time I felt a little bit weak in the knees. Maybe I should bring chocolate if I'm ever stranded in a forest and live forever. Hehehe... By the time we reached our destination, I was stunned by the breath-taking view around us. I whipped out my phone and began snapping pictures like all my other friends. We took selfies and group pictures together. As time pressed on, more groups started to show up and in the end, all of us were present. Well, except for a minority who had small accidents along the way. Once we were done with shooting people with our cameras, we gathered together again and began the great, slippery descend to base where food (Oh, magical food) awaits us. 

The thing about climbing down is that although it takes less time than the other way round, it's actually more dangerous. The path was slippery and some of the steps were broken and completely destroyed beyond compare (gosh). We have to jump several times. There was also the issue of trembling knees. Honestly, at first, I thought it's just a figure of speech but I found out it's as real as the chocolate I was gorging on. My friends' knees were literally shaking. But I told her we were almost there and that's no lie. 

The smell of food lured everyone to continue down the few steps to solid, even ground. Yong and I ate rice in peace while watching others. I thought after our hiking, they would let us do whatever we wanted until the bus arrives but they had one activity in mind first. We have to pile up stacks of PVC pipes using nylon bright red strings to keep them balanced. The boys dominated the game first but later, girls joined in to help. We only reached 7 pipes while the POBAN (Police) exceeded till 11! 1-0 against poban. 

Okay, this time, they gave us 45 minutes to visit the museum or play on bikes in the neighbourhood. Yong and I trudged up the hill where the museum is situated as if the hiking did very little to diminish our energy. We share the same passion to learn new things (I think). We paid RM2 for the ticket entry fees and started our journey through the beautiful museum. It mostly relates to the mining industry and the life of the local Malays, Chinese and Indians at the time. It also included the technology they had used. It was so very interesting and both of us wished we had time to go through each and every display to fully appreciate them. However, time was ticking and the bus could arrive at any moment at all. 

Okay, let's pause for a bit and look at this switch. Who still have this around?!

This is one of the king's old bedroom. I think the furniture are original.

Believe it or not, but this is in fact a fire extinguisher for the mines.

Um, this is the toilet from the old king's home. Don't ask why I took this pic. I just thought it looked different. HAHAHA

The bus came right on time and everyone lined up to go home and grab a good, long shower. We smelt bad anyway. HEHEHEH.

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