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Peek-a-Boo! Finals Have Arrived!

by - Sunday, March 29, 2015

        Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers! Things have gone pretty much insane these past few weeks as finals are slowly creeping up on its unsuspected prey who were too caught up with last minute assignments and revisions (Me). It's not just that, we had the annual feast last week with the whole campus and trying to hunt down our lecturers who are surprisingly good at hiding from crying, blubbering students who want nothing more than taking their last selfies together. 

So yeah, it's been one hectic of a week. If you're wondering what in the world I'm doing online at the heights of pre-finals when I should be hunching over a random textbook and study. The thing is writing in this blog actually helps to improve and sharpen my skill in writing since I used to do it in my diary. Unfortunately, I haven't so much as touch my 2015 diary since the beginning of the year and that is about to change once finals start. 

        This weekend, I've done nothing else besides studying in the most imaginative and effective way I could think of because what I need at the moment is, Study-Express. And so, with a week-old textbook that already looks like it's going to fall apart by my feet, I recited and explained in depth about important facts (CTU-Islamic Education) to the trees outside the balcony and any passing birds who were interested to listen to my "lecture". I highlighted any possible facts I should focus on or write down terms such as Bimaristan which is actually the old name for hospitals in Baghdad (correct me if I'm wrong). From morning to dusk till midnight, I stood by the balcony memorizing a 40 page worth of vital information that will determine life and death during the finals. 

Next, once I have covered all the required topics in CTU, I moved on to Literature. It's an easy enough topic for anybody with a genius mind and have conquered a firm yet thorough understanding of all the literary devices that exist in poems and short stories. But since this is me we're talking about here, then chances are I'm not that genius. I need to revise through everything ASAP. I've got all the points in my head but I'm still worried that I panic for no good reason in the exams or too many ideas whizzing through my head that I won't be able to fish at least one out. The possible nightmares keep on going. Let's just hope I can keep a cool head for at least for a whole week.

Of course, I did grab a few breaks in between in case nobody noticed that I am nothing more than a human being who needs her daily dose of novels. After 5-10 minutes of break, I trudge back to my cramped study table that looks as if a tornado had erupted inside and out. I was just kidding! It still looks manageable... for now anyway. But seriously, the reason why I'm not so favourable with these breaks is because I ended up dozing on the table or even on the floor after spending long late nights studying or waking up early to make some time to read something. I realized that my creativity in finding potential sleeping spots should be recognized by all because it still surprise I have such useful talent I never knew I had. Again, I'm kidding! I must be so stressed out that my jokes are nothing but lame. 

I guess that's it from me. 

You'll hear from me soon with more weird things to talk about that aren't at all related to the present sinking-like-the-titanic situation I'm in. 

Wish me luck!


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