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Top Reasons Why People Don't Let Me Do The Packing

by - Monday, April 06, 2015

After being away for so long (approximately 5 months) from home, I cannot describe that wonderful feeling of finally being inside the four walls of our little house and surrounded by my family once again. My last semester has just ended yesterday after finishing my finals exam paper, College Reading II and at the same time, it was a sign that my days of being called a TESLIAN has come to an end. 

Let's rewind this story a bit.

Two days ago, as soon as I got back from the examination hall looking pale and death-like (Listening tests always has its certain effects on me), I trudge to my room and took out the dusty, old suitcase over my locker. It was time for me to start packing because I'd be leaving straight after finishing my final paper the next day. Now, you see, I didn't bring a lot of stuff this semester particularly clothes since I'm not one for trending fashion and I'm not fussy in what I wear. Of course, there is also the fact that my dad has had enough of the size of luggage I brought last semester and practically filled up the whole car (tee-hee!). However, nothing could be more appalling than the horrendous sight that greeted me as I realized the bags and bags of stuff I have underneath my bed and inside my locker. In my head, I was thinking "How on earth am I going to fit all this?!" I shuddered as I stole a quick glance at my shelf over my study table holding more novels than I could possibly read. I simply didn't have enough bags and plastic bags to gather them all.

My mum pretty much saved me when I poured out my dilemma to her that night. Her wise words that shone over my forlorn and desperate heart shall forever be engraved in my brain, "No need to fold, just dump in yr bag. Fold at home." I swear, those words were like music to my ears. So, dump my stuff into the large suitcase I did. My housemates watched in horror at the mountain-like form of clothes and other stationary as they piled up... unfolded and unsorted. I'm not a messy person but when the fan is broken and the unwelcome, smoldering heat  inside the room hikes up, it bring the worst part of me. In less than 30 minutes, I announced that my packing was done and I could finally focus in revising for the next paper. 

When our last paper was officially over the next day, I didn't actually feel anything but I was mildly relieved as my other friends outside, celebrating our new "freedom". I was thinking, "Yes! No staying up over the night studying my back off outside in the balcony with gigantic beetles whizzing over my head anymore!" Cameras and phones were whipped out of their pockets and literally everyone were snapping pictures of everybody else. Myself included.

Then, that heavy sadness tugged something inside when I realized that I won't be seeing the happy faces in front of me, and even if the chances are still out there, it's pretty slim especially when each and every one of us come from different corners of Malaysia. But this is what friendship is, we'll meet and one day, we have to go on our own separate ways with our friendship still intact. 

We watched as one by one as a few TESLIANS hug their friends and carted off into their family cars before leaving the campus. I remained where I was with my friends by the car park while waiting for my dad, who at the time, insisted to pick up by 6 o'clock because he wanted to by satay. Feeling famished after a simple lunch consisting of fried beans, I bought my friends and me ice cream. I'm telling you, I'm absolutely addicted to ice cream and it doesn't matter where I am, an ice cream sounds good to be eaten anytime. 

By the time I arrived back to campus, my dad' car was parked near the lobby. My friends helped us to stash my luggage into the car boot. This is where things turned downhill... Well, at least for me it did. As the last of my carelessly tied up bags were placed in the car, I turned around to my friends who were waiting for me to make the next move. Some already had tears in their eyes and wouldn't look in my way and others smiled sadly. I kept my smile plastered to my face because I still couldn't let the fact that I might never see them again to really sink in. We shook hands and hugged numerous times. I told them how much I will miss them and they did the same. But when one of my closest of friends started to cry, well, let's just say the tap faucets burst and I could not stop the tears from pouring out no matter how much I rubbed them away with my sleeves. "I never cry," I kept on telling them but that was exactly what I was doing.

Before I got into the car, I was calm enough to laugh a bit and tug a smile. "Don't let me see you cry or else you know I will!" I joked. We can still contact each other although the possibility to meet face to face are unsure.

Gosh, I hope so much that we'll keep on staying as friends. I'll miss you guys like thisssssssssssss much!

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