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Bugs and Cicak Invasion

by - Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Assalamualaikum again, Internet travellers. 

I suddenly feel like writing more tonight. I guess it's because I didn't get the chance to do so regularly back at kampong. It literally left me deprived of writing. I don't think this "illness" exists in the medical terms but I got it and I know the perfect cure for it, just keep on writing. I'm not entirely sure whether this post will be longer than the previous one (If you haven't read about my eight-legged frenemies, please do) or even interesting but, my fingers are aching to slam on the keyboard and type out anything; understandable English or gibberish, it is the least of my worries. 

At the moment, I'm wrapped up in my old blanket which I love to trail around the house when the weather is cool. My mum said I'm obsessed with caressing pieces of soft cloth since I was a wee toddler. I would nuzzle my nose to the softest part of a blanket or a cloth and carry them wherever I go. Did anyone do that as a kid? I think every one of us carry something from when we were kids but what they are is a different story. 

However, in this case, I HAD to put it on to stop any interested mosquitoes from getting to my precious sugar free blood. I don't know whether you guys have noticed (especially if you live in Malaysia), but a swarm of mosquitoes have recently appeared out of nowhere and are now invading our homes and conquering the air. If you wear something remotely dark, then you'll see a line of blood-hungry mosquitoes trailing you from behind. Like paparazzi. 

My mum was absolutely furious with those bugs when we were cooking in the kitchen earlier. I made a huge mistake to wear the darkest pair of trousers I have in my wardrobe today. I had a trail of mosquitoes buzzing around my legs and just waiting for the right moment to swoop down and swipe a few drops of blood. No matter how careful and still mum tried to stand behind me to look out for the bugs and snap at them, they were sneaky and still got away with it. It's kind of freaky in a way and cute (what...) having mini stalkers following you. That is until the fact that they can make us really sick comes to our minds. 

So yes, back to the current situation. Right now I pretty much look like a human size cocoon save for the two arms sticking out. Plus, my balancing isn't so good and I'm failing to sit comfortably on my chair behind my desk. Not the exact image of the perfect lady I had in mind but since this is about saving my blood from becoming a feast to someone else's, I'll let it slide for the time being. 

Other than the mosquitoes invasion inside my home, there are others who have taken this opportunity to claim their stake here too. Cicak or small house lizards are crawling everywhere on the walls. They make the brief late night journey to the kitchen for a drink or to the toilets creepy with their partying noisily behind the furniture. 

I honestly don't mind them very much but sometimes, when they overstep the human-animal border as unwanted "guests", it calls for war. Things like them falling randomly from the ceiling to our sofas or in my dad's case his shoulders once, getting into containers lying outside and sneaking around for our food. The most annoying part of all, is when they're crawling speedily around on the floor and almost giving us heart attacks when we try to maneuver away to avoid squishing them under our BARE FEET. 

I can't exterminate them because I don't know how. However, small boys might find my home a hunting cicak heaven as they can use elastic rubber bands to kill them for fun. Nonetheless, I've gotten my fair share of killings over these lizards. Those fossilized cicak corpses (do we call them that?) between the doors' hinges weren't naturally there. I accidentally killed several lizards when I hastily closed the doors. Oops. Let it be a reminder for the others about staying low profile whenever I'm around. Heeeheee....

That reminds me of a funny story back when I was 5 or 6 years old at my old home. It was one of those lazy, hot afternoons on a school day. I was at home, just gotten back from school and dressed in loose, comfy clothes (I never like the heat even back then). The old black television was switched on to a cartoon show and I watched it silently whilst lying on my back on the rug. Our bibit (house maid) was peeling onions in a plastic bowl beside me and it went like that for some time. 

"Kak Long, can you fetch more onions from the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen for me?" Bibit asked suddenly and breaking the silence.

My eyes fell on the pile of cleanly peeled onions in the blue plastic container and then to her face. She was quite elderly and had been with us since I was very, very young. Feeling sorry for her, I got up and made my way quickly to the tiled floor kitchen. I was intent to come right back to the living room for my favourite cartoon show. I wouldn't miss it for anything! As I was about to enter the kitchen, my steps were halted.

A scratching noise came from above...

It came from the ceiling...

 and something fell on top of my head...

It fell on the floor...

It was black and round-looking...

And as quickly as it appeared, it scurried away to the very cupboard where the onions were!

It took me several milliseconds to realize that that black "thing" was a rat. I didn't place another step forward but quickly swiveled on my toes and made way back to the living room. I told Bibit what happened and swore I wouldn't go back to the kitchen that day. The Bibit didn't either. 

The End.

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