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Dear Diary 2: The School Play & Other Wacky Life Events COMING OUT SOON

by - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers! I have a very exciting and important news to tell you. 

My second book, Dear Diary 2 will be published very soon!!! 
I can't describe just how thrilled I am with the whole process and I promise to keep everyone updated about DD2 progress.

What will DD2 be about?
In the second installment of Dear Diary (a.k.a. DD2), it will cover some of the more ridiculous happenings that happened when I was in high school like joining the drama team as a script writer (almost suffered from panic attacks when I found out about this) for the district competition, undergone more physical torture in taekwondo practices, joined a swimming class (I'm drowning... Help!) and a bit of something about Gino which you must know. Dear Diary 2 is filled up with my own illustrations that truly depict the short glimpses of those moments back in school.

Front cover designed by Irfan Foner .

Back cover designed by me.   :)

Get more updates at Dear Diary FB Page!

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