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Goodbye, dearest... (Dramatic, I know)

by - Saturday, August 22, 2015

I have never felt so worn out in my life. Not even those weekly Taekwondo practices can ever beat this. I'm being totally serious. 

Well... if I want to compare it with Taekwondo, it would be quite irrelevant because I barely just about survive to live for the next weekend and spend it like how any teenager would do. However, this is just as bad.

Don't worry, it isn't anything serious. I have been organizing through my horrendous stacks of book collection on my shelves again. It is high time that I give away some books that I don't want anymore or ones that I can't see myself reading in the nearby future. Being a bookworm, it has never been easy to simply give away my precious books even if the interested new owners will love them in ways I can't. Perhaps it's because they're simply books and I just love them for that? I don't know but it really isn't easy. 

Of course, I don't have a choice at this point. If I want new books coming in, then some old books must be sacrificed and handed over to their new owners. It's part of life... 

What am I saying??? 

I guess the good part of this is that I will learn a teeny tiny bit of pocket money to keep me going in Uni (going to buy more books then... muhahahha) and you know what, I actually feel really, really HAPPY when someone is interested to have my books. The best part of all is pack them in a box or some other package, have them posted and then later receive a text from the buyers how they got their books. I can't exactly describe that feeling. I think its almost as equal as buying new books. Whatever it is, I enjoyed it in a happy-sad kind of way and that is okay.

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