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I, The Octopus Woman.

by - Sunday, August 23, 2015


That is probably what my status would say if I can staple it to my forehead. 

Although the admission for degree is just a few days away and I should be lounging at home; preparing and packing my stuff (again), I couldn't. 

You know that wonderful plan I had to grab those precious few minutes of sleep to store for degree later? Nope, it was thrown out of my list. There was simply no time for that. 

Making space in my schedule for a teeny bit of book shopping? Never going to happen although my hands have been itching to do so. 

There is just too much goings on that I have to postpone them all for later. During the day, I'm always up on my feet with hardly any moments to sit down and lay back for a quick break. There are some chores that needed to be seen to or other projects. For example, "beautifying" our old furniture by coating them with fresh paint and that can take hours to do even if it's just the bookshelf. 

The aches! The pain! The constant runny nose! These come in one package when the house is upside down and cleaning and tidying is underway. 

My back has been aching for two days in a row. Lifting boxes of books and moving them to another area in the house has taken its toll on me. When there is a buyer texting me for the books I'm selling, I have to rummage through the forest of books for that one book he or she wants. Despite all the pain I have to go through, it's definitely worth it. Why? Well, if things evolve around books, I don't mind doing anything it all.

If I'm not dipping half my head into a can of white paint, I would be scrolling through my Facebook or Whatsapp account in hopes of catching buyers to take my unwanted books away. There has been quite a number of them today and you have no idea how pleased I am that my books might end up in good hands later. 

Then there is the matter of my driving classes. I haven't had the chance to sit behind the wheel yet but that fact alone makes me even more nervous. I have always been good with driving go-carts and handling gadgets, but I'm pretty sure they are completely different when compared to cars. I'm just worried I'll hit something or someone innocent. >_<

But really, although I'm quite known to get a little bit frazzled when I'm caught up with chores and tasks and things to fret about, I actually enjoy whizzing to and fro with a million of things running through my head. Most importantly, it really helps to pass the time and I feel that at the very least I'm using it the best I can. 

That's all I can say for now. I got to go!

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