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The Driving Theory, Star-gazing and More LIZARDS #2

by - Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hello! I was just reading through my friends' blogs when I thought I should do something about my almost-a-week abandoned blog. I didn't want to do it now as it is way past midnight and I promised to my mum and most importantly, myself that I try to stick to going to bed BEFORE that. 

I don't think this new resolution is working very well although I do wake up quite early.
Well, it seems like old habits really do die hard.

Anyway, I think what really pushed me to write something, anything is because there was a sudden blackout and I was the only person alive (excluding pet hamsters and pestering common lizards croaking away from underneath the sofa) in the living room. I totally FREAKED OUT. I'm not really afraid of the dark but when it's pitch black and you can't even make out what you just stepped on, it leaves the imagination whizzing and blinding your better judgement, plus your coordination. Luckily for me, walls are multi-functional and they work just fine in helping me to navigate through the house. But I think I really did step on something and I don't want to know what it is. Less than 5 minutes later, Dad fixed the little problem and lights flooded through the house. I'm saved.

So, where was I? Oh yes, I felt like writing out something because adrenaline is still pumping through my veins (or whatever vessels that are installed in each and every one of us) and I thought, "Well, let's make the use of it!" 

When I was little before I flew overseas, during blackouts, not one of us would waste a hair's breath wondering inside the house, fiddling in the darkness for candles and wait for the electric to snap back on. The adults would be outside; talking and chatting with their neighbours (who sadly had the same blackout problem -_-), while the rest of us kids skipped around and run throughout the length of the deserted road. I remember how some of the other boys my age were too afraid of venturing further up the corner of the road. They were convinced it was cursed as wild dogs lurked there. ^_^"

 For those of us who were more sentimental or just have a good sense of appreciation towards nature, we'd stare high up into the sky and watch in fascination at the carpet of glistening stars. That was a long, long time ago, and now living in a packed and highly populated area, it's very rare to spot even a dot of sparkly star in the orange-y sky. I miss those days. 

The point is... there isn't any. I'm just sharing a piece of my childhood. Hahaha But I guess it shows how different things are compared to the situation I'm in now. Mind you, I don't intend to include the presence of lizards to tarnish whatever happiness there is in my childhood.

As I have said earlier in the above topic title of today's post, I had my driving theory class last week for 6 hours. I came to class with an excited yet doubtful mind, thinking is it truly enough for me to learn 1/3 of the textbook in 6 hours? Whatever I felt, I was truly pumped up for class and if you want to know just how excited I was, then you should see how I grabbed the front seat nearest to the coach's table like my life depended upon it. Others willingly took the seats furthest at the back. 

Earlier, my friends had told me their experience in the class and they mostly thought it was torturous and insanely boring. Like, we can actually read the book just fine and learn heaps more than what they offer in that class. However, the teacher was good although he does have a way of looking right into my soul. Probably predicting how I might bring the first unlucky teacher to his early death when I am put behind the wheel. Hahahaha.... not funny.

The class was okay but I couldn't rub off the fact that neither of us students bothered to get to know each other. Yes, we were mostly strangers from all shapes, age and sizes and YES, we're not likely to meet ever again in the future, but the situation would have been less colder if someone made an effort to be interested in having a decent conversation with somebody else. Literally everybody had their faces glued to their phones. Bless the Internet data for your existence (I didn't have any credit)!

So, that all happened last week and this weekend, I might have a go at the computer test to assess my knowledge on what I've learnt. So far, my progress in swallowing 1/3 of the textbook has reached approximately 66.7% and I have 33.3% more to digest before the big day. I think I'm doing good so far but you never know, I might hit my head tomorrow and forget the whole thing since I can be quite clumsy. Whatever it is, I'll stay as optimistic as possible. 

Wish me luck!

RIGHT, those lizards are at it again and they are currently running across the floor like they own it. Before I have second thoughts at having them trampled under my feet by oops! accident, I think I'll go to bed.

Assalamualaikum and a very good night/morning/evening ..... you get the idea.

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