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1 Month Since It All Began

by - Thursday, September 24, 2015

I had to look through my old posts because I forgot what I had written before and I don't want to talk about the same old thing again. It probably wouldn't happen if I'm not such a forgetful person and keep my blog more organized like how I want myself to be. I mean, I thought degree life could change me for the better but that's not how life works; at least not on the easy and uncomplicated sense anyway. 

Somewhere inside of me, I'm still the same old Syazwani that everyone knows accept that I'm not reading as much as I have planned to before stepping into University. That fault comes from me by the way. But I will touch on this later.

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers! For today's post, I just want to recap what has been going on since the start of the semester because there is a LOT to talk about. And I mean A LOT.

First of all, 

1) I am always on the move. My roomie complains that I waltz too much in and out of our room and it's making many people dizzy. That's weird because I'm only around in college during dry and hazy evenings while in the mornings, I'm up and about chasing after buses, struggling with my purse that does not want to open up every time I reach the counter to pay for something, frustrating over the ATM machine for rejecting my card, trying to finish up assignments in class so I can lay back and relax in college (assignments free) and the list just keeps on going. 

2) Losing weight. Not really, although I feel tons lighter than before. However, that was until I got home and checked myself on the scales and finding that I'm still where I left off before entering college. Whatever it is, I feel great, more energetic and fit. 

I've been going out jogging for the last three days with my course-mate  who is very supportive with my mini-business (check out here --> Ophelia.Co). We mostly half run and walk around the whole campus, and by the end of our circuit we are left feeling totally exhausted but happy that we had completed it. 

The only thing that upsets me about the whole thing is the amount of vehicle exhausts that we breath in as we jogged. You should have seen how my face just ashened every time a bus drives by and the smoke lingers in the air and likely sucked into our lungs. Hmm, fresh air.

3) Maybe this might come as a huge shock for several people especially those who knew me very well back in foundation. I have only been to the library once and that was two weeks ago. I know, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth whenever I mention it to someone. I mean, just ONCE? What on earth happened to camping in the library (just a figure of speech. Don't always take me seriously) and pouring over books all day? 

The thing is, I'm very busy on most days  particularly from Monday to Wednesday, while on Thursdays and Fridays classes dominate half of the day and I get the rest of the time for myself. 

Plus, there's another problem; I still don't know how to navigate around the campus very well even though I have been here for well over 3 weeks. But who says that that is enough to hold a thorough exploration when I'm mostly stuck in class? I haven't got the bus schedules properly sorted out yet and I still have to ask every driver I meet whether I'm on the right bus. It's funny, yes, but it does take a lot of time and energy. 

However, I'm getting the hang of things now so maybe, I can realize my dream of camping out in the library.

4) Missing home. Yes, I do miss home from time to time even though I don't usually express it. I love the life I have now in university but not being there with my family when they're up to new things kind of saddens me. I guess it's very normal when you're away from home. Then again, how would anyone feel when your family suddenly adopts a new pet a day or two after they dropped you off to your college? 


My parents rescued a lost and hungry white kitten by the rubbish bins and brought her home. She was in a really bad shape; skinny and afraid. Over time, she grew so fluffy and big. We call her Dessi and it really fits her for some reason. 

Not only that, but Walnut doesn't mind being held too! This is very new for me because the whole time we had Walnut, he was very against to touching him.

Whenever I'm home, I go on an eating frenzy where I just eat whatever comes into my line of vision. I can explain.

Back in college, I honestly don't watch what I eat because outside food isn't to my liking. I would prefer eating bread added with salads or whatever as long as I make them. Plus, when I'm too busy, eating is the last thing I want to do. The appetite to stuff my face with food just won't come. Still, when I do eat at the cafeteria, I piled my food high with veg and fish as I'm off rice for the time being unless I can't help (for example, buying fried rice).

5) Classes are okay except for one or two. My brain isn't the type that pick things up very quickly except in rare occasions. I study hard and play less to get the scores I want. If you must know, I'm battling with my brain to take in how syntax works and putting all these grammatical terms in the right order and place. If you're not from an English major, you might not know what syntax is. I'll show you:

It looks understandably easy, doesn't it? But this is the one that I randomly found on google images, and it doesn't come anywhere close to what I'm doing in EPC.

Just look at that horrendous handwriting!

In fact, today I have spend hours pouring over my textbook and English grammar reference books to get all the facts properly programmed inside my brain. And things looked like this:

Alhamdulillah, I guess it paid off a bit because I have somewhat a grasp in what this subject is trying to reach out. I just hope that by the end of this day, my head won't explode with all the information I force-fed my brain to take in. I'm not even joking. Ha!

I guess that is all for now. Be sure to hop over and visit my little business page, Ophelia.Co that I share with my sisters!

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