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The Famous 3Ks Cycle- Kelas, Kafe & Katil (Class, Cafe & Bed)

by - Thursday, September 24, 2015

I want to do something out of the ordinary.

Something beyond the walls of bustling classrooms and lazying about back in my hostel. 

Much more than pushing through the throng of desperate students who step on each other's toes for the bus every day (just to avoid from coming to class late!) and filling it up like a can of sardines.

Definitely getting myself more involved in something that brings me away from hunching for hours on end over pricey new textbooks.

Those were the main plans that I made when I first put down the first few steps in university. Not only that, my lecturers and seniors have been trying to push us lost first years to get moving and simply be more active on campus.

AVOID  FROM DOING THE 3Ks, they say. The 3Ks are what most students do and they are Kolej, Kafe dan Katil (College, Class and Bed). I tried really hard to avoid from falling prey into this boring and continuous cycle but I have. It's hard not to when I still find myself getting lost inside this massive campus, sorting out my schedule the best I can, attending programmes that seem to pop-up the least I want them to and the list just keeps on going. This is degree I guess.

And so, here are my short-term plans for the next two till four weeks in my new semester.

* Running. Going to be joining a running marathon that will be held in the University itself. It's supposed to be a sports competition between faculties but my main objective is too just sweat, work out and have fun. Personally and in truth, I am not a very athletic person. I mean, I can only run up a couple of steps on the stairs and I would demand for time-out. Sure I used to be very active in swimming, and kicking and punching back in taekwondo classes, but that was ages and ages ago when I was fitter. However, I love outdoor sports so much that I don't mind if I lose (but winning it would be a bonus. hehe)

* Play baseball/ jog/ involve in any sports with roomie. 

* Join more clubs - public speaking, writing club, etc. etc.

* Try not to get any more sunburns

* Even when busy, try to keep sending newer updates in my blog and Facebook. 

* EVEN when busy, I hope to upload more book related vids up on my Youtube Channel.

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