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The Walker in the Rain

by - Saturday, October 31, 2015

I don't know how it happened but  it did. One moment I was eating leisurely on a chicken flossed bun while watching one of Mat Lutfi's newest video on one of those plastic stools by the little shop near my hostel, and then before I knew it, rain poured relentlessly on top of my head like there was no tomorrow. Cold, freezing water pattered furiously on the roofs above, sounding like solid pebbles denting through the metal material by the dozen. 

I was stuck there.

The monsoon season has arrived!

I wrapped the leftover bun inside its wrapper, threw it inside my tote bag and pushed my hand inside to feel for my battered, faulty blue umbrella. At that moment, I didn't bother to complain about it; it was simply not the right time. Strong wind gushed from both sides and bringing with it harsh rain. Those of us who were still in the outdoor foyer were stranded in between; huddling close together and hiding behind the safety of our frail umbrellas.

With an umbrella safely above my head and my bag clutched firmly underneath my arm, I dashed somewhere away from the rain or at least where I won't be directly exposed to the rain. 

By the time I reached the bus stop, I sighed with relief for escaping from the weather. Its lights seem to radiate a buzz of warmth and hopes for the poor souls from the rain. It was a mere blur through the broken lights pouring fleetingly out from distant lamp posts across the road. 

Even with my spectacles safely placed inside my bag and leaving my blurry vision exposed to the cold elements, I can still make out the individual rain drops from the light. And even when my friend and me huddled closely to each other while holding out our umbrella to save our skins from the pestering rain, I couldn't help but think that it was all beautiful. Yes, despite the lightning clapping and lighting the sky with dangerous white flare behind thick black clouds, thunder rumbling like mad, snarling  and wild beasts; I couldn't stop admire how even something so despised by those living on the the earth can still emit such power and beauty.

I mean at least the haze is gone.


What? Isn't that a good thing?

This is what happens when I listen to good songs because it will affect with how I write. I'm currently listening to Adele's latest song, "Hello". Absolutely magnificent. 

In the corner of my room, my soaked shoes are laid out in the open to dry. Somewhere not too far from them is my bag; looking as shriveled and battered as ever (seriously need to get a new one), my poor wet socks pegged nearby and then there's me, cocooned like a ball of fluff from underneath blankets and jackets.

Cooooooold... Hope it won't lead to anything. 

Stay dry and warm, people!

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