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What Really Happens in the Library

by - Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shh... Lower your voices, said the blaring red sign by the door and practically stuck everywhere throughout the library. But hey, you know the saying, "Rules are made to be broken" or something along that line (although just take note that I'm not influencing anyone to start going rampant and break some good rules) because everybody in this entire room is doing the exact opposite. 

Don't spread a picnic or grand feast inside the library? Not even a weensy bit bite? Not happening. Nobody is taking that rule seriously, buddy. I've seen some brave souls even dare to munch on harmless little snacks right in front of the CCTV cameras with my own eyes and nobody takes any notice of them. Or maybe they do and they're thinking, "I am dying to eat something too!"

No dates too? Nope, it's still happening and it's simply sufferable for those of us who actually come to the library to get some real work done when they hog the tables between the two of them. I just wish they take the single combined table sets at the far corner of the room where they can do whatever people on dates do.

As for keeping as quiet as a mouse, I don't think anybody can resist such temptation to not talk. There is always something we want to say; whether study-related or not. We're all humans, right? Besides, there really isn't any point to keep your voices low because everyone in the whole room can hear every word you whisper to your friend or when you're on the phone. And the library staff isn't helping with the situation either when they talk to each other like as if they are at the end of the room. However, there will be one of those rare moments when they room is suddenly hushed and everything feels so deathly quiet. The only think audible is your friend's breathing and the blasting cold air coming out from the aircond. 

Creepy... But cool.

Of course, I'm not referring to any specific libraries because I think these sort of things are quite common everywhere. 

So yes, back to my story (which I haven't even delved into it yet) about what I mostly do in the library or any place that has lots and lots of mouth-watering books. In university, the sole reason why I would walk miles and miles from my hostel to the library; walk and drenched in my own sweat under the blaring sun and bleary haze, is to sit in a well air-cond room and to be at peace by being surrounded by books. 

That's it.

There's also the part where I can just sit on a nice comfy chair and spend hours and hours pouring over random books I find interesting. It could be history books (I'm currently reading up on the Mayans), literature, science (the UNIVERSE), psychology, even works in the Malay language which I rarely do, and others. The list of book genres I would put my head into is endless since I'm not a very fussy person when it comes to reading. 

If I'm not up to reading, a feeling I'm sure everyone of us have at some point, I would open up my laptop and write something here or there, read up articles and stories online, and so forth. Of course, again, it depends on how favourable the Internet speed is on that day. If WiFi is slow, and I've got no mood to read, I probably might just head back home to read The Davinci Code by Dan Brown from where I left off. 

So, what do you do in the library?

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