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Where I am Now

by - Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers. It is I, Sir Knight Wani back from voyaging through the 6th week of lectures. So far, from what I have gone through things have been quite bearable particularly when it comes to assignments. I’m not even kidding.

I was totally arming myself up for the waves of assignments like how I had to back in foundation. They just popped out of nowhere and the stack of them piling up on my table gradually grew bigger at each passing day. That incident almost left a traumatic scar to my mind and soul.

Just joking… Or am I?

Fortunately for me, no such thing has happened. Yet. I’m not sure but I can say that the big wave will come one day soon because my other friends studying in different faculties have gotten their assignments. I’m just w-a-i-t-i-n-g for that special day to come.
Anyway, the whole point of this week’s blog post is to update you guys on what is going on in my life right now. Well, not exactly now now. If you want to refer to that, then it means I’m sitting on my chair behind the desk typing and stabbing the backspace button every few good seconds. Justin Bieber’s new song is also blasting from my beaten up Nokia Lumia phone to keep my writing mood up.

        I seriously have the worst case of attention shortage span I know from among my friends.

I am not a belieber.

Back from the very first day I started out in degree life a few weeks ago, I made several resolutions or short-term goals for myself. I didn’t want to repeat the same boring and static schedule I created back in foundation. I literally studied all the time and was determined not to give myself a chance to have a bit of fun and test new waters at something new. I guess I was too afraid to see my results scores dwindle.

However, I think I started to loosen up a bit during the second semester when I couldn’t swallow the idea of spending the rest of my foundation year living in class and in my hostel anymore.

There has to be something else to colour my life.

So, now I am trying to be more active by joining in activities held by the university to enhance my communication and people skills. For example, joining the debate team and occasionally blending in with the lawrians to attend some of their workshops (I could totally be a secret spy or something since people always mistaken me for a lawrian).

About the debate club, although I have won in a huge contest a few months back, I still think I’m lacking of a lot of things; particularly my fluency in speaking and explaining my opinions in a presentable manner. To be honest, I was and still am terrified of the other highly experienced debaters who have been nominated as top Asian debaters or somewhere listed as awesome speakers.

There were even times when I questioned myself, “Do you really want to go through all of this again?” but I can’t see any other way to train myself to be better. I only hope I won’t crack with the pressure but based on past experiences, even in all that chaos, I still manage to clamber out; exhausted but still able to find myself smiling and enjoying in what I do.

Once every few days, I hit the road and jog around campus to keep my body fit. It’s also another way for me to let go of some of that restless feeling I tend to have when I don’t do anything involving in exertion and sport-ish stuff. Being indoors for a long period of time actually has an effect on me. It’s almost like being trapped inside a cage. Besides, what other way is there to lower my weight?? Hehe…

Other than that, I'm doing pretty good here and I can see that I am slowly opening up and changing for the better good. They are not drastic but it's great that at least I have somewhere to start.

Will update more later!

Send in comments of how you survived through    school/university/workplace when you can!

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