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A Few Plans up My Sleeves

by - Thursday, November 05, 2015

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers! 

How you've been since the last time I sneaked in here for my previous blog post? 

Doing good? Feeling okay? 

I know I do and it's all because of one thing, which is what I really need RIGHT NOW (or we'll collapse if we don't) which is the Mid Semester Break! I don't know about you, but as a representative for my friends in our course, I can say that this week and the week before that has been a hectic one for us. I'm not even kidding. The amount of assignments we have aren't much but the workload and demand for attention for each and every one of them is almost driving us in a whirl of insanity. Yes, these assignments are fun to do but... You get the idea.

So, yes, I have PLENTY of things I want to do once I get back home and kiss the floor of my humble home (just a metaphorical exclamation by the way). I'll probably dump my assignments deep, deep inside my battered backpack (like  where my purse usually is... sigh...) and never look at them till later on Sunday night. At least, not until I have catch up on wanted sleep and go through a dozen classic movies or so till past midnight.

Of course, there's something else I need to work on too; buying a new pair of shoes. My old ones were so exhausted (I walk too much and this is also a problem that correlates to my shoes crisis) that the soles almost peeled off. It's been egging me quite a long time now since I've been wearing my good old jogging shoes to class, the food court, when I'm out with friends, and yes, basically everywhere, including on Mondays when we have to wear baju kurung. It's comfy for my feet but it would be nice if I can wear pretty ones to class, especially a smaller sized one instead of my massive black jogging shoes. -_-"

Not only that, I really need to catch up on my reading. Would you believe it if I say that I have not finished with Da Vinci's Code by Dan Brown which I have only picked once or not at in a week? And it's been an ongoing reading since the start of the first semester. Hopefully, I can finish it up (less than 150 pages to go) during the short break so I can finally sleep in peace and not having to think about the book haunting me from the shelf. 

If you follow my Youtube channel (Bookworm14Cats), then you would notice that it has been abandoned for quite some time. Therefore, I've been hoping to bring it back to life once I'm home and dig up my old webcam to start posting more vids about my reads. 

So yeah, got to go and get ready to march tonight. Hope you're going great!

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