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And We're Back...

by - Monday, November 16, 2015

Assalamualaikum, Internet people.

So, basically I'm back in my college after spending for almost an entire week inside the comfort of my home. It wasn't a good semester break though. I'm serious. In all honesty, it was almost close to be labelled "terrible" because of several factors I really want to write about. They are:

1. I had to battle against a horrible flu that stretched on for the majority of the days I was there. The story started out like this. After just two or three days of my stay with my family, I caught the flu and being the (dumb) person I was and thinking my body is strong enough against EVERYTHING, I only ate panadol and flu pills on the first day it all started. The rest of the days were pill free, and was up to my body's defense division to continue fighting against the virus. It failed. I was to be blamed of course. 

2. As for the amount of assignments I was blessed with, they were actually quite bearable. However, due to my unnecessary sickness, I completed them one by one at such a terribly slow speed. An essay outline took me over half the day to complete even when I had all the articles I needed to help me write. I was too absorbed and busy looking like a corpse in the living room while Dessi, our kitten, watched me from afar. When I was feeling a bit better though, my brain was close to splitting into bits of goo because I had to deal with different assignments all at once. Time was very limited.

3. I ate a LOT. And I don't mean eating a few guilty chocolate bars every few consecutive hours. What I mean is eating snacks and junk food at all times. Plus, I literally dumped my no-rice-diet down the toilet during mealtimes. Yes, they were just spoonful of rice but I broke every single rule I was religiously following back in uni. I only went out jogging at a nearby park with my family on one afternoon which to me was not the best I could have done, but the weather has been so bad these last few days. It either rained in the morning or afternoon. Basically, the weather was so unpredictable that nobody even cares what the weather forecast says anymore. So yes, the weather kind of interrupted my exercise hours. 

I think that sort of summarised everything that happened this week. I haven't been doing much other than confirming an early death wish by dealing with assignments from dawn till dusk and no signs of healthy human activities outside that in sight. I need a life. 

Right, it's close to 2AM and I got writing class like BAM (!) first thing on a Monday morning tomorrow. My brain must be mentally prepared for what will come ahead.

Thanks for reading!

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