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Finals and an Unexpected Visitor

by - Thursday, December 24, 2015

I am now in my room, feeling ill with the unexpected arrival of a flu and fever that would not go away no matter what I eat to put me back in good health. I couldn’t sleep so well too because I slept for a straight 6 hours the day before the sooner I got back from eating lunch with my classmate,  (we were both craving for ice-cream HAHAHA). And then there was that horrible part when I just kept on sneezing non-stop leaving me completely drained out of energy. Who knew sneezing could be so tiring?! 

I guess the source of this whole health calamity comes from the time I went to the cinema with the rest of my family last weekend and the room must have been really dusty. My dad got sick the day afterwards but it must have taken quite some time before I finally caught on. Plus, I stayed up pretty late a few days back to finish off several assignments due on the same day! I only got an hour of sleep before having to force myself to leave the cosiness of my bed and tie up to my study table to edit and touch up on my project. 

Never again will I leave my assignments to the last minute!

My fever waltz in and out whenever it feels like it, not really leaving me for good just yet. I thought of going to the health centre which is just outside the gates of my college but if I can’t walk along the corridors straight, then I’m sure I will be the same way if I have to walk all the way out there. What to do? What to do? It may sound a somewhat dramatic if I say this, but having a fever is almost like you're dying. There, I said it. 

I really think I need to study ASAP because there is exactly 7 days before finals arrive and the first paper isn’t as easy as it looks. People think this course is so easy for me but I feel similar to a fish dying outside the water.

But then again, nothing comes easy even if it perceives itself that isn't because in the end, when I look back to how things are right now, I might just feel grateful I was here anyway.

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