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Hearts Beat Fast When...

by - Tuesday, December 29, 2015

... Finals is coming in TWO DAYS! *breathing hard*

That's right and I should be scared out of skin when I see that one box that separates today and Thursday on the calendar. I have Critical Reading paper in two days and probably will be stuck in a hall with chairs so closely arranged with one another for two hours. 

The only thing I have against this paper is the time. I read r-e-a-l-l-y SLOW despite the flattering number of books I can read within the expanse of a day but whenever the word "time limit" is around, I'd get nervous for no good reason and I would read painfully slow even though I can read perfectly fine when I'm myself... Like an F1 driver... only with books. 

And then there's that issue that I forgot to bring my wristwatch back to college after spending a weekend with my family at home. I ALWAYS bring my watch with me because it makes sure I'm on time with answering all the questions. Gahhhhh....

But then again, if dozens of people don't wear watches, then I'm sure it doesn't bother them the idea that it's necessary in the exams. Hopefully, they hang those huge quartz clocks on the wall in the exam hall like they do back in school. That way, I won't die of simply not knowing how many minutes to go before the time is over. -_-


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