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Dessi Wessi...

by - Thursday, January 28, 2016

Right, I think it is high time that I introduce you to someone very special to my family, and she has been  been with us for over months and we’re all quite in love with her. Her name is Dessi and if you haven’t guess it right yet, she’s our fluffy white cat. I’ve mentioned her once before in one of my posts but I merely said my parents adopted an abandoned kitten right after they sent me back to uni after the mid sem break. She’s all grown up now but sometimes I still thinks she act like a helpless little kitten when she chooses to be. 

To get to know her, here are some pics we've somehow managed to take before she aims her paws on the camera!

There's our Dessi when we first got her. She was so tiiiiiny back then!

She loves to catch anything that moves... Even our hands and feet!

Playing with Dessi is the best part ever. But she usually tires us out first before she lets herself to.

See how small she was back then? And much more innocent looking.... hehe

She sleeps on fluffy and cozy old blankets we don't use. That lucky cat.

The only time she's calm to stroke her and put her on your lap is when she's really sleepy.

An older Dessi in her mighty bed (Our old, old sofa that we call "The Grandma")

She'll stare into your soul as you eat your meals in front of her. 

When she gives you this look, you just know that she's up to no good.

Sleepy Dessi...Now 6 months old.

Nicknames: Dessi Wessi, Decchi, Chi Chi,

Favourite foods: 
  • She only eats grilled medium rare fish and likes very little else. However, she does seem to enjoy bits of cheese and toasts.

  • Sitting in the balcony in the morning to watch the usual birds having their breakfast on the windowsill of our neighbour's.
  • Chasing after plastic bags that has been custom-made into balls.
  • Sleeping from noon till 4-5PM in the afternoons.

Weird things about Dessi:
  • Likes crawling under the sofa and small spaces.
  • Finds peace curling inside bags.
  • Sleeps in Yoga-like positions that would be impossible for the human abilities to follow.
  • Loves catching flies and any insects in sight
  • Cannot resist the sound of plastic bags crunched up. MUST GET IT!
  • Hates sellotape as it sticks to her paws.
Special things about Dessi:
  • Doesn't mind water at all.
  • Very curious over everything and anything.

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