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The Free Bird

by - Monday, January 11, 2016

Assalamaualaikum, Internet travelllers! I'm finally back home for my semester break which only lasts for over a month but who cares? I NEED A SERIOUS BREAK right now. I was on the verge where I can break apart if things prolonged as it was and that's never a good thing. Which is probably why breaks should definitely exist and I would like to thank the inventor of holidays for understanding our needs, especially those who are studying in universities. 

 Basically, just like how it was with foundation, I had to haul down all my stuff from my room on the fifth floor to the car park below and it was very, very tiring. Yes, there were plenty of elevators to pick from and lift the burden for me to climb down those stairs, but the fact still remains that I still had to carry everything I have to my awaiting car with my hands. And of course, at that precise moment, I had this revelation that had me thinking and it went like this, "Why on EARTH did I ever think I need all this stuff anyway? I hardly use them!" 

It's true. While I was busy packing and sorting the stuff I wanted to throw away or bring back home, I discovered that I had collected a fairly impressive "collection" of newspapers. When I wanted to stuff them in plastic bags, it resulted in three bulging bags of old newspapers outside my room. I don't even read half of them and they lived half their lives underneath the darkness of the shadows of my bed. But they still proved their worth during my studies this semester when I needed ideas for writing out essays and other things for classes. I also discovered a large amount of paper I've used for my assignments this semester in between books, on shelves and in my bags... Just everywhere. THEY WERE A LOT TOO. I couldn't believe how much I've used up and if I had them sold off to be recycled, I might have earned quite a pretty penny for them. 

Of course, what else makes cleaning more "fun" other than dusts? There were plenty of them around particularly on the newspapers and other smaller boxes I kept. Never again shall I bring more stuff than I need for the next semester. As a result of exposing myself to so much dusts in 3-4 hours of tidying, it has left me sniffy and sneezy all day today. -_-

So, now that I am back, I am planning to fully use my holiday to the best and I want to make sure that I get something from it too. 

Here are my to-do list which I hope I can accomplish while I'm home for the following month :
  1. Upload more booktube videos on Youtube (Bookworm14Cats)
  2. Read the new books newly purchased from Big Bad Wolf Book Fair 2015 ( I didn't go though... Sob sob).
  3. Lose a couple of pounds and keep fit.
  4. Continue in improving with my sketches like expanding my subjects to guys (since they tend to look like sticks men on paper -_-).
  5. Earn a bit of money through selling my old books and other mini projects I have in my mind to keep me occupied.
  6. Hangout with old school friends as often as possible and not subject to being a part of the walls at home until the next semester opens. -_-
And there are heaps more to do but for now, I will keep this list as it is. Gosh, I hope I can survive through this break unscathed and definitely not bored.

Here's links to several sites I'm involved in!
Buying booksies - @outfits_booksies (Carousell)
Youtube channel -  Bookworm14Cats 
Outfits comes first - OPHELIA.CO (Facebook)

#Current read - Petals in the Wind by Virginia Andrews

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