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Cats, Food & Lots of Sleeping

by - Thursday, February 11, 2016

Well, what a way to start of post. A dramatic and depressing picture, check. Broken at least a dozen new year resolutions regarding maintaining my blog, DOUBLE CHECK!

Going back to my parents' hometown up in the north didn't allow me to keep up in updating my blog. My phone credit dissipated the first day after I reached Kelantan as I contacted all the friends who I could think of to tell them I won't be online for a while. Not long afterwards, my Internet connection, the only link I had to the rest of the world soon followed and left me for good. That week long stay in a house with little to do other than reading was equivalent to being stranded in the Dark Ages, well at least for me. But then again, it wasn't all that bad. At least I became a little independent off technology and did something productive for once like reading the books I managed to smuggle inside the car under my dad's nose. 

I can't say much about the 10 hours journey to Kelantan though because seeing that it's me we're talking about here, I mostly slept in the car. The only time I forced myself to stay awake for a couple of seconds was when we reached the toll or an R&R area so people won't see my face lopsided against the window (or worse) while I dozed on. But when I was awake for none of the two occasions, I did get to appreciate the greenery outside which is hard to come by from where I live. We only got puny little trees here and there, and fresh air is a bit of a luxury here. I saw more stars than I could count when night came (and we were still on the road) before falling asleep again. But even then at times, appreciating nature could be difficult if most of the view that I got were acres of oil palm plantation and speeding vehicles.

During my stay, I wasn't the only one to feel the unusual chill in the air. In a busy town where I was, it wasn't at all normal for it to be cool. In fact, I spent almost every night sleeping underneath two layers of blankets, a shawl covering my face and nose from the cold, and with my feet wrapped up in the thickest socks I had in my bag. Unfortunately, even that didn't ward away the coldness. But then again, I think I just have issues with the cold because everyone else in the house were fine... I think. If it was up to me, I would have loved the idea of being wrapped in layers and layers of warm blankets all day.

Sometimes, books weren't company I was satisfied with especially when they didn't entertain me as good. For example, I brought 2 books with me; Forgive and Forget- Margaret Dickinson and Far From the Madding Crowd- Thomas Hardy. Hardy's book bored me to death as I found many passages in the story to be too descriptive. I personally don't think it's necessary for him to describe every single character and just about everything he wanted to mention. I mean, readers get it, we can picture what he wants us to know. He doesn't have to write 3 pages worth of paper to describe a guy. In the end, I had no choice but to drop the book altogether. -_- My heart ached...
We KNOW, Hardy. 

I guess another matter that's worth to be mentioned was my eating habits back in kampung. I've been on a no-rice-sort-of-diet since a year ago other than the occasional 1 small cup proportion of rice during special occasions (like coming back home from college looking like I haven't seen good food in a century). But back there, I literally ate anything that came into my line of vision. I ate rice 2-3 times a day and they weren't in small proportions either. I didn't eat as much veg as I mostly do like on normal days (almost half a plate) but I had plenty of sweet things like some famous Kelantan "kuih". Let's not forget as well that I didn't go out of the house at all, at least not until the last few days of my stay when I visited relatives (but I ate a lot at their house too). So, no exercise and definitely lots of food pretty much resulted in a more chubby me. When I did get home though (like yesterday), I put on 1 kg and that wasn't sooo bad as I feared but I  still have to go out for my daily jogs starting from today. 

I guess you're also wondering about Dessi, our fluffy white cat. Rest assured that we didn't bring her back with us because that would have been absolutely terrible, for her and the rest of us. She would be meowing uncontrollably and holding on to anything with her claws out since she gets a little bit scared whenever she gets a ride in the car. What we did though was leaving her in good hands at a nearby "cat hotel". Honestly, I was more worried for the other cats and the staff than her because she's a bit anti-social with  strangers particularly with her own species. She prefers human company and I suspect it's our own wrongdoing for making her think that way. She's been intellectually humanized! 

Well, I'm back home and picking up half finished things that I need to deal with. I got some translating work to do as well as managing my books sale which is still on by the way.

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