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Gosh, who was I???

by - Monday, February 22, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers! Yes, I know, it's late at night and if I really want nice pretty skin, I should already be in bed and sleeping like an old man. zzzz I mean look at me, I look at least 50 years old; eyebags, black circles, droopy soulless eyes and all. Honestly, it's the perfect picture for me to refer to whenever I want to remember what I would look like in 2-3 decades time. 

But today is no ordinary day. 


Tonight, I'm up sitting on this plush chair and forcing my fingers to type on a laptop placed on 3 stacks of album, just so that I can be the first person (or maybe not) to register for subjects I'll be taking next semester online. I would not put myself in this position if it isn't to secure what club I want to see myself in for the next whole semester. I'm thinking of joining archery because let's face it, I was influenced by Katniss Everdeen and Susan Pevensie with their awesome archery skills. I want to be and look like them. They make people with a bow and arrow look cool. But of course, it's not just for that, I genuinely love the sport from the moment I tried playing on it a few months back.
Did you guys see that shot I did???
Aaaaaand the problem starts here. There are heaps of people queuing for this club so I have to give my all in getting a place. If not, I'll just join in the taekwondo club and resume with my training.

But this is NOT what I want to write about today. Not really. Earlier tonight (a few minutes ago actually), I was randomly browsing through my posts and then I saw that I have 21 drafts not published or posted in my blog. THAT'S A LOT. And it struck me as to why there are so many of them. When I went through some of them, I realized that most were either almost completed and ready to be posted (but didn't), or they were left unfinished (probably forever too). Being the type of person who can't just let things left in the dark without being seen or read by others, I cannot let them stay that way. So, here are a few glimpse of some of my old posts!

1) Macam mana nak belajar dengan berkesan?

  • Tidak guna kalau kita hafal fakta tetapi tidak faham apa yang dihafal. Kita semua adalah manusia yang boleh berfikir bukan robot atau burung kakak tua. Jadi, kita mesti faham betul2 apa yang dibaca dan hafal isi2 yang penting sahaja.
  • Kalau kita memang ada mood rajin, buat sedikit nota dan hafal.
  • Setiap hari, mesti buat 30 soalan matematik.

2) Another Day in IKEA

Its only been a week ago when my family and I went to IKEA and now (tomorrow actually) will return again to buy new chairs. I told my parents we should bought them last week when we were there now look we have to go back. I'm not complaining, actually I'm dying to go there again. The reason is there's a big bookstore somewhere near IKEA so maybe my parents might buy me new books? Oh come on, it's my birthday tomorrow and I love reading! If you two don't buy me new books then you have to buy me a bike at least. Just kidding. I'm not expecting any presents, except for a jog round the neighborhood or a game of badminton in the park nearby? I ate so much this week I think I might have put on some weight. So I have to do some serious exercising!
I'm actually going to be 15 years old! How old is that? Ha ha ha. Anyway, happy birthday to all going-to-be-15-years-old  to everyone!

3) The Great Tree *Why was I such a weird child?*
I knew an old tree that was as high as the battered wooden houses in our village. It wasn't thin and small like the other trees I've ever seen. This tree was enormous with thick rough bark and bulky winding roots that dug deep into the rich earth. It's leaves grew heavily on the strong branches giving safe shelter to humans and wildlife together from the striking hot sun and damp tropical weather. This great tree had already existed way back before the village itself was established and the villagers always thought it was special, reminding us about the beautiful wildlife we live in. The tree grew up with me as I aged from a child to a boisterous teenager. I used to sit high up in the tree sitting comfortably on one of it's branches with my feet dangling in the air thinking about my future. It had witnessed the many emotional expressions on my face as I often went to it just to escape from the fiery quarrels at home and seeking peace among the dancing green leaves in the cool wind. As a young boy, I was very interested in art and I would paint the mountains around the village with fluffy white clouds in the sky in my sketchbook. I painted animals too mostly the ones that lived inside the tree like squirrels, colourful tropical birds and a few peculiar insects.

4) Congratulations for making it out alive!
Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers!
Breathe in... and breathe out. 
I'm still alive.
I honestly cannot believe I have survived through the most intense week of my life and apparently I'm not the only one who share the same disbelief. I've had people telling me there was just something off about this week that was different from the rest but then again that's how we feel most of the time. Every day is different from the day before.
Starting from Monday, after an entire week of semester break, I was doused awake and thrown into the swift current of assignments and tests. There wasn't so much chance as to catch a breath before having to dive in again. Once you think you've dealt with all your assignments, others start to show up again. It's a never-ending cycle, I tell you.
Basically, this week has seen me:1) Staying up till past 2AM almost every few days with 3 hours of sleep max.2) Skipping meals and going for snacks and tidbits to nibble on instead (I can't remember the last time I had a full meal)3) Walking up the steep road to class every day (which I don't mind at all because I absolutely dislike wrestling with people for bus seats so early in the morning and I love my walks).4) Using my room as a brief pit stop for quick meals, doing homework, shelter from the monsoon rain, and others.
I think I've ticked a partial of the list every students will have to go through.
But if I look at the positive side of things which I'm sure there is, at least I know I can deal with pressure. And I mean a GREAT deal of it in one serving. Of course, being just like any other average individual, there were moments when I thought I could break down and take a step down from.
Back to what I was saying, even with the hectic things that has been going in, I could still ...

But NOTHING can beat what I posted on FB 6 years ago. Gosh, I know I'll regret it once I post this.
Saya dah balik!
Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Hari Raya semua! Saya baru saje balik rumah dari Pasir Mas, Kelantan dengan naik earoplane. Waktu nak pergi ke Kelantan naikearoplane tu best, tapi semasa nak balik tu rasa tak selesa (pening....). Dalam kapal terbang tu, ramai orang putih. Terkejut sangat sebab diorang tu tinggi dan kebanyakkan mereka berambut perang (wah, .... terangnya!).

I was so shocked when my mum told me that she had booked our plane tickets around the month January and February! So early, but she said she didn't regret doing it because her brother bought his tickets a week before Eid and it costs him over three thousand ringgit! We only had to pay one thousand and above. Clever.

Keluar daripada airport terus cari texi tapi harga tambang taxi punya mahal! Jadi kitorang naik kereta sewa, selesa dan murah! Nasib baik kereta sewa yang kitorang naik tu selesa dan sejuk, kalau tak dah lama saya dan keluarga dibakar. Jalan dekat Kota Bharu, Kelantan memang sesak dan panas. Sampai ke rumah nenek dan atuk saya di Pasir Mas mengambil masa 2 jam. Tak percaya, cubalah! Kucing nenek saya, Miyong dah mati beberapa bulan yang lepas (sedihnya!!! tapi Miyong tu dah tua. Lebih 7 tahun kalau tak silap. waktu saya masih kecil lagi, dia ada jugak. maca,\m mana ni?) jadi nenek saya ambil masuk kucing yang lain. Comel betul dia tu. Dia berbulu putih dan orange. Atuk saya ada beli seekor beruk dan namanya ialah Loy. Pelik tapi nak buat apa. Dia masih muda lagi dan atuk saya masih naktrain dia ambil buah-buahan daripada pokok-pokok yang tinggi dekat kebun. Jangan risau, Loy diikat dengan tali ke tiang jadi dia tak boleh la kejar orang (aargh!). Tapi, dia selalu ketuk dekat dinding rumah kuat-kuat sampai semua orang boleh dengar dalam rumah. Bising la! Ingat, waktu balik ke kampung masih berpuasa tau jadi tak banyak la boleh buat. Duduk dekat ruang tamu sambil menonton TV sepanjang hari dengan sepupu saya yang lain. Sebenarnya ada kerja lain yang boleh dibuat selain menonton Ultraman dekat astro ceria, tidur! Ya, satu satunya yang saya paling mahir buat.Unfortunately, katil dekat sana sangat panas. Jadi tidurlah atas lantai dengan adik saya, Sofia dengan beg sekolah sebagai bantal.

Waktu berbuka makan nasi dengan lauk kari (sayur pun ada!). Sedap! Wah, berair mulut saya waktu ceritakan tentang ni. Cuma tinggal tulang ikan sahaja. Itulah buktinya yang saya sangat suka kari. Yang paling bestrasanya ialah Wiwit (bibit la) yang basuhkan pinggan saya. Selalunya saya yang kene basuhkan pinggan cawan yang saya guna. So, kene ambil la peluang ni. Ha ha ha. Selesai sahaja sembahyang, tulis segala benda yang ingin diluahkan ke dalam Diary saya. Ini diary yang ketiga dalam masa tiga tahun saya tinggal kat sini. Selepas tu, tengok tv lagi. Ya macam takde je kerja yang lain (memang takde pun).
So sorry, my readers! I want to have my lunch right this minute and then I have to clean the aquarium (yes my fish survive for 6 days while I was away). I'll write back real soon. But leave your comments! Thanks!

Sambung balik...
Waktu raya sudah tiba, Alhamdulillah. Saya pakai baju kurung baru dan lagi cantik daripada tahun lepas. Semua orang berserabut nak bersedia untuk solat Aidilfitri. Saya dan keluarga paling awal siap sebab kitorang paling awal bangun, mandi, makan, berus gigi dan paling awal ke masjid! Selepas tu, ramai saudara mara yang datang. Ada yang kenal dan ada yang saya terlupa. Maaf, saya ni pelupa tau. Pernah satu kali, saya tengah menonton televisyen dan nak tukar channel. Tapi tak jumpa-jumpa remote tu. Agaknya satu jam saya dan adik saya cari remote tu dan rupanya, remote tu saya yang pegang sejak tadi!!! Kesian.... Hari pertama raya memang tak pergi mana mana. Maklum, hari tu Jumaat jadi semua lelaki kene sembahyang solat Jumaat. Satu hari tu makan kuih muih yang disediakan untuk tetamu saje! Habislah saya... Dont worry, saya takkan jadi gemuk. Nanti balik rumah terus bersenam. Tengoklah.

What? Don't look at me like that. I told you, the girl who wrote this cannot SERIOUSLY be me. My BM was really bad, well I guess bad isn't the right word... formal perhaps? Well anyway, that will be all for this post. I hope you guys ENJOYED that. It took me guts to share all of this. hehe...

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