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Yep, they were good times... I think.

by - Thursday, February 11, 2016

So I was just randomly surfing through the wide waves of the Internet and I stumbled over this website with lots and lots of topics for ideas-deprived writers like me to try out. And I'm trying it out now because I got nothing in my head on what to write about. 

I could just post some articles I wrote from my previous assignments but I got the printed copies inside tightly taped box that says "S.I.B.A" (my initials apparently) and "DON'T OPEN" because I'm too much of a lazy person to filter through garbage I brought home from Uni. 

What Was Your Most Precious Childhood Possession?
- I had a lot of soft toys that my parents, relatives and their friends gave to me. But the one toy that really caught my eye was a big sunny coloured bunny with big fluffy ears, short fat paws sticking out from her sides, big paws, brown buttoned eyes and the pinkiest nose out of all my other toys that I had. I liked her the most because she was almost as big as I was and I could carry her anywhere like a huge puffy baby. She could sit on those plastic chairs that I used and often too, she was dressed in my clothes whenever our "bibit" wasn't snooping around. Unfortunately, as I got older and my family had to move somewhere else, I gave her away and I hoped very much some good kid could take care of her. 

Later on, I found a mechanical bunny with white fur that I called Snow White because.... She's white. Hey, I was a kid back then and all of us named our toys with weird names. But in my case, I was a little bit crazy with Disney princesses when I was little especially over a particular princess called Snow White. Anyways, after 4 years playing with her and giving her a microwave toy for a home and a big pink barbie car, I gave her away too. Gosh, I really was a weird kid. 
I can't believe I found the exact design of the toy but she looked something like this (without the black spots on her ears)

What Were Your Favorite Childhood Shows and Characters?
  1. Popeye the Sailor man 
  2. The Powerpuff Girls
  3. Teletubies (I watched it until I was 6...Ugh)
  4. A little bit of Harry Potter even though I didn't understand English much 
  5. The Power Rangers (I only watched it because one of the rangers wore a red suit and you know how much I love that colour.
  6. The Ninja Turtles (for the same reason as above... Seriously)
  7. Scooby Doo (I loved this cartoon show a lot. I could even mimic Scarpy Doo's voice sometimes)
  8. Art Attack (LOVELOVELOVE)
  9. And a lot more. I just loved my TV very much.

What Were Your Favorite Picture Books When You Were Little?

I can't remember any because I wasn't much of a reader. I detested reading which is weird if I say it now.

What Things Did You Create When You Were a Child?

One invention that I am still proud to have created till this day (because I don't know how to make it now) is making slippers out of old newspapers. 

Being it was in the early 2000's, Internet was nothing but a big HA-HA since they were ridiculously slow and even though my family had a computer at the time (and a big noisy one too), using it sometimes can be a huge drain to our time and energy, just waiting to be connected to the Internet. So in other words, there was no video tutorials or book that could help me in crafting my own slippers. 

But one hot afternoon day, outside under the safe roof of our front house yard, after many, many failed and weirdly formed prototypes, two pairs of slippers out of newspapers were created. They lasted for approximately a whole day which was amazing really because I literally wore it e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e that I could with the exception of small puddles, the bathroom and places that could destroy my little invention.

What Places Do You Remember Fondly From Childhood?
I liked going to the parks and trying out on all the big slides, swings and see-saws. But I never had the arm muscles (even now) to cross from one end of the monkey bar to the other. Dropping on the firm rubber floor was a common thing with me. If the play area was too crowded with boisterous kids, I would cycle or rollerblade with my family and trying very hard not to lose control of the brakes or in the case of rollerblading, avoid from falling and scraping my bruised knees.

Have You Ever Felt Embarrassed by Things You Used to Like?
I was about to type out a big NO when I suddenly thought of something. This is a fact: I LOVE VEG A LOT and always has been but back in those days, I took it on a whole new level. When I looked at the rich green forests outside the windows of the KTM train on our way to Kelantan, I once told my grandma and mum if those trees were edible since apparently, they were plants, and vegetables were plants too then MAYBE they're all edible. What logic was that? But it left me drooling with hunger whenever I saw them. 

Was There a Toy You Wanted as a Child but Never Got?
I'm not sure which catalog it was but my sisters and me would go through every page and picked out which things we wanted if we ever got the money to buy them. We particularly liked the toys section and one thing that really pulled my interest were those awesome little toy houses those kids have in their backyards. Like I would have done anything to have one of those to live in. But they costed like $$$$$ !

What’s the Most Memorable Thing You Ever Got in the Mail?
I have never gotten anything remotely fascinating out of the mailbox other than birthday greetings from insurance companies. Sigh.

What Nicknames Have You Ever Gotten or Given?

Boo (because I was said to have been very shy... like what now?), Syaz, Wani...

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