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2nd Semester with English

by - Saturday, March 19, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers! 

I'm now at the end of the third week into my 2nd semester in the course, English Professional for Communication (EPC). A lot of things have happened since that first day of class but I didn't have the opportunity to type it out and have it posted here. 

I'm still waiting for the WiFi to be installed into my new home so perhaps I can't update this blog as often as I can for the time being And talking about the Internet, living without one is pure nightmare. My advice for anyone who's living outside of college is get Internet as soon as possible because assignments would start pouring in even if it is just the first week of the semester. 

Other than that, there's registering for the subjects and classes I needed to do. Luckily, I did that at home when I came for the weekends so I didn't have to get a ride on the bus to UiTM for the sake of its Wifi. If it is not that, then you would probably die of boredom without having any movies, songs to listen or even just the news to watch. I have never felt so disconnected from the world in my life.

During language
I think the special thing about being in the 2nd semester is that there's more break gaps in between classes as compared to last semester which was PACKED to the max. However, I can at least say this, it has been rather fun, for a three weeks class of course. This semester, my course mates are expected to do a lot of presenting and pouring over theories of English. 

Earlier this week, my partner and me presented about the good and bad of a presentation for oral presentation, then there was components in communication and a poem recitation I had to do. This week was mind-blowing but I would be lying if I say I didn't like it. I love the thrill. But I just wish my knees would stop trembling like a leaf whenever I'm up in front to present about something. -___-

As for club involvement, I've signed up for Public Speaking which although isn't my first choice, but I want to see myself speak confidently in front of an audience and make them laugh (I don't know why) since I'm already bored cracking jokes and talking about every topic you can think of to my reflection in the bathroom mirror. No, I'm being totally serious.

For now, I'm at home and trying to seriously chill out. I brought a few textbooks with me for revision (Human Communication & Sociolinguistics). If I ever read them anyway. heee...

Have a happy weekends all!

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