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Here I am Again

by - Thursday, March 03, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers!

So here I am again in a peaceful and fully appreciated air-conditioned room of my university library. Everyone is either working on their homework or surfing through the Internet thanks to the good Internet connection provided. 

And then there's me, sitting in the farthest corner of the small room, hunched over a laptop with a battery life of 7% (sloooowly charging) under the coolness of the aircond vent above my head. Truth to be told, I am only here for the sake of the Internet (like so many souls here) since I haven't had it installed in my new rented home I share with my friends, and of course, I just love hanging out in the library whether or not I have assignments to do.

It's only 8:40AM and I'm taking my sweet time reading through random blogs, news, and the occasional glimpse at possible topics for my upcoming lectures later today. My first class, Sociolinguistic starts in 2 hours time and I'm sort of looking forward to it despite my lack of capability in memorizing all the terms I REALLY need to keep in mind like semantics, syntax, pragmatics, morphemes, and so on because if these  words are put into simpler terms, it is actually easy to understand them. But you know, scientists just love to show their flair in making up really long and difficult-to-say names for every discovery they make...

I have to go and keep on looking for more stuff in preparation for class later. Wish me luck!

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