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That Feeling...

by - Friday, March 25, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers. So, my place has finally got WiFi installed!

I can have pure heavenly access to the Internet whenever I like now. *RELIEVED SOB*

I never smiled so hard since staying here especially over the fact that it has been almost a month that I've been depending on my phone data. Of course, with this blessed gift, I have zero excuse to not update my blog on a weekly basis since I promised to myself about this.

Anyways, how are you guys? Been doing good?

As for me, I'm doing great or maybe better if the heat here cools down a bit. Where I am, it's around 40 degrees Celsius and because of that, I can't go out without 20 slabs of sunscreen on my face and hands, and an umbrella over my head.  If not, I would look like someone who just deep fried her face in an effort to have that I've-been-sun-kissed-at-the-beach sort of look, if you know what I mean. It would look great on some people, but seeing that I already have slightly dark coloured skin, being darker than that is not a great thing.

Yesterday, my friends and me participated along with other 9 teams in a pitching presentation contest which took place from 9AM - 4PM at UiTM. The theme of the presentation evolved Social Entrepreneurship while the specific topic was Human Trafficking for Organs. 

We were given 2 hours to collect research on the topic and create professional-looking slides. 2 hours may seem like a LONG time and when we were first told of it, we believed we could make it. BUT THEN, during those two excruciating hours, our minds literally could not function. All we were thinking of was how to make money by solving these two problems; human trafficking AND illegal organ exploitation??? By the time the first hour was up, inspirational ideas FINALLY showered over our heads and we made gradual progress in building up our solution for the topic. 

During the last 20 minutes, we quickly whizzed in making our slides and getting the points sorted out. In the last 3 minutes, while most teams were busy adding whatever points, grapghs, etc etc to their slides, we were busy quarreling which colour background goes well with our slides. Goshh, that was really funny!

My team who consisted of Khan, Danny, Luke, and me, were the eight group to present in front of a podium full of audience. We watched our competitors presented but to be completely honest, only bits and pieces of their presentation made into my mind as I was too nervous thinking about our own turn later on. 

When I our turn came, we were a nervous wreck. Maybe we didn't show it during our presentation, but deep inside we were so nervous. However, I think we did really good especially for first-timers in pitching. But yes, we did sort of messed up during the Q&As session but other than that, we were good! Maybe we can improve even more when the next pitching contest comes up.

After the lunch break, we sat together in the podium again and feeling absolutely relieved that the worst part was over and done with. We half-listened to a talk by a Malay entrepreneur (sorry, I forgot his name) and several speeches since we were absolutely drained from thinking so hard from earlier. I ended up pondering over songs on the earphone.

Then, the moment of truth came, the prize winning session. For the sajak battle competition, APB won first place (!!!). And for the pitching idea contest... APB won third place .... and it was US!!!
We actually got a place!!! I sat in my seat for 5 whole seconds before the message finally sink in before joining my teammates to climb down the red carpeted stairs to the front and claim our prize money and certificates. My knees were shaking! I still cannot believe it we made it! While we smiled in front of the flashing cameras in front of us, I could feel the feeling of surprise between us. Our initial intention to participate was to get a participation certificate and look what we brought home! I'm really grateful to everyone who has supported us or else we'd never make it this far.

My teammates

The four teams under APB participating in the pitching contest

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