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by - Sunday, April 03, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers!

I had just completed my last driving class this afternoon before taking the JPJ test next week on Friday. To be honest, I'm not sure whether I'm ready for it. I'm not saying that I CAN'T DRIVE, like hello, I didn't hit any cars or caused an accident at the any given time that I had whilst driving on the highway. Okay, so maybe I did hit a few curbs but how is that so serious? And at least it only happened in the training circuit. 

But I can at least admit that I'm now nothing short than a nervous wreck. There's no good explainable reason behind this but I'm nervous all the same. I think I'm just worried that my mind would go on hibernate mode on that "extra" important day and spoil the whole thing. I

t's okay, I can do this!

I think...

If you noticed, especially if you're my friends from uni or housemates, I've been a little bit tanner than I used to be nowadays. Okay, tan is totally an understatement. I'm basically walking with a face that says, "Yes, it's burnt and neither you and I can do anything about it." And the most annoying part is when I take my glasses off and see the lighter shade of skin that was hidden from the sun.

 I used to be pretty... Hahahah kIDDING! 

(crying inside)

So anyway, earlier this Saturday, I took part to help organize and run an initiation program for the juniors (Part 1) under the APPLES Society, a club established under my academy/faculty. It was hard work and I think each and every one of the committee members really did their best to make sure the juniors were having a good time. Biggest credit of all should go to our club president, Nazeem because he was probably the only one who didn't stop whizzing from one place to another to watch over the activities that were held. 

And us too! We couldn't ask for anything more than the satisfaction we felt once the event came to an end and all the juniors walked back with generous hamper prizes in their arms (sorry, bags weren't provided for everyone... hehe) that Bat, Aliff and me bought from the day before.

Love these peopleeeee!

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