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Being Home Again

by - Sunday, April 10, 2016


Exhausted and slightly tanned, I'm finally home for good or at least long enough to catch up with family and laze around for a week. I can sit back and patch up on any "wounds" that I contracted during lecture weeks. Yes yes, I may have exaggerated a bit but I have good reasons for that. Yes, I do.

I think.

So I was mentally and physically drained from having to catch the bus to and fro class, exposing my vulnerable skin to the merciless sun whenever when I'm outside and hiking up the steep hill to Menara three days a week, EVERY WEEK. 

By the time I managed to fit the key through the lock of my home and locked the door behind me, I literally collapsed like a corpse on the soft carpeted floor of my living room. 


If only I lost a few kilos during those intense times, then it would have made everything so worth it because the scales gave me no good news.

Anyways, here are some ADORABLE pics of Dessi that I took over the weekends and I doubt that it will be the last of them. I can't keep my hands of that little white fluff ball of a Dessi!

So how do I look like this?


What? Me, sleeping? I wasn't!

And last night as well, I finally finished reading through Ngeri by Gina Yap Lai Yoong and boy was the book AWESOME. I rarely read Malay books because the ones that mostly dominate the shelves either evolves around flimsy, cliche romance or comics, which often makes my search for a good book difficult. Not only that, this is also my first time reading one of the many books published under Fixi and I think I will look out for more good reads from this publisher!


Today is also the last day to give myself a break because I got assignments for all SEVEN subjects to do and are due the week after this mid sem break is over.


Well, that's life.

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