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Happy Things

by - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers.

I realized that I haven't been writing anything remotely cheerful lately especially with assignments slowly (but surely) creeping up to my head and getting a good sleep is anything but pure luxury nowadays. 

I will write about what I think is fun, at least for me. 

I won't talk about the weather, since sun and plenty of sunshine is all that I'm getting and I think it will be that way for a couple of weeks or so. And besides, I've never seen anyone write so much about the weather as I do. It's too predictable and there's little to talk about, other than it is hot (like really hot and dry) so getting a tan here is highly recommended to anyone who wants one. On a personal note, I won't let myself go a shade darker since I'm already sunburn pretty bad. And that's not me exaggerating about my appearance. I got a couple of witnesses at hand to verify that.

I need to tone down on exposing myself to the sun and open up my umbrella whenever I'm out. 

I have spotify installed in my laptop since my foundation year and I've been listening to some of the songs in the playlist until I can memorise which song would come up after the first one ends. I'm quite done with contemporary songs for the time being. So last night, I hit Youtube and randomly typed out the year 2010 and the songs that were playing at the time came up and I listened to it while I was doing some translating work. It really did bring back some good memories. I was still a little nerdy school student when all these cool songs were drifting in the air and everyone was humming to them.

I haven't gone through the entire playlist yet. There's no rush. I will definitely take my time to listen to each of the song (If I like them of course) and just enjoy them while gouging through the entire list of assignments that I got to do. And I need to anyway since I'm looking forward to watch a theater being played at the end of the week. 

 mierul smells by the way (follow this guy on Twitter @amiervl)

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