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The Walking Dead

by - Sunday, April 17, 2016

If there was ever a comparison being made between the zombie sitting next to me and myself, I'm pretty sure that it would look a lot prettier than me right now. I grew set of healthy dark circles under my eyes, a sniffy nose, and mentality that's functioning by one tenth of its capability. 
I'm actually on my mid-sem break but I'm telling you now, I did nothing else other than sitting in front of my laptop and typed away till my fingers were to finish off the assignments my lecturers had given me. I got 7 of them to deal with and 90% of them are due in a week time. Like, where is the logic in this? Before the break, I imagined myself sitting back on my red plush sofa, reading a good book while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, that's supposed to last for a few days. I mean everyone needs those good days where they just laze around and get all the toxic from school/work out of their system once and for all. But NOOO... I have to face assignment after assignment every day for almost an entire week.
It's 1:30AM right now so I guess I should log out and get that sleep I need.
Night, peeps!

I'm thinking of moving my "blogging adventure" to wordpress because I came across this theme and I thought it was absolutely adorable. Check it out and tell me what y'all think!
Link >>> https://syazwanizzati16.wordpress.com/

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