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APB Drama Night 2016

by - Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last night has to be the most tiring moment of my life and that's me confessing such things for the first time. I'm usually mentally tired which mostly means I'm too tired to think of anything or my brain feels like it could explode, but this time, I was completely tired all over. I spent almost 4 days trying to get at least 2-3 hours of sleep because so many things were needed to be done. Tests kept popping up, assignments and class projects were due, and so much more. But last night too, I had a good time, even if I was tired but it was worth it.

I became the MC or event host with my MC partner, Felicia for APB Drama Night 2016. To be honest, it was my first time being involved in something big. I've never held any major positions in events before and so, being the host was a huge fat deal for me. I mean, I can literally count with my fingers just how many times I held a microphone in my hands. I was a nervous wreck but the excitement was there all the same. I just can't describe how I felt at that particular moment. 

I was dressed up in a light bottle green baju kurung matched with a pale pink hijab specially for the event (borrowed from my mum!). As for my footwear, well it's not anything remotely interesting. I wore the only wearable pair of shoes I had which were my faithful Sketchers, the only shoes I ever had that lasted for over 2 months while the others were worn out since I walk a lot.
The script was constantly clutched in my hands. And I felt my eyes shining with anticipation. 

Long before the event started, some of the APPLES committee members arrived to the hall and helped one another to set things up. There were many things that needed to be addressed; decoration, food and snacks for the VIP and guests, checking through the lights and sound controls in the technical room above the hall, guiding the drama teams that were going to perform on the stage, and many, many more. 

During the event, pushing the technical problems we had with the lighting to the side, it was alright. Well, I could have done better but no one expected that I would be spectacular on my first experience as an MC. I learned a lot and hopefully, I would become better while the weaknesses I showed would be lower through any future events that I might participate in.

The event started out with EXACTONE, a new acapella club established last semester under APPLES. They were brilliant. Later on, one drama play was staged after the other. I wished I could share more pictures of them but it was too dark and my phone is completely blind. The representative drama team for my batch participated too. They played an adaptation of A Quid of Sirih.

 Each play was evaluated and scored by our invited judges who were all our lecturers. While they counted the scores, Nizam, one of the lead singers in EXACTONE entertained and wowed the audience. It was spectacular! Why didn't I record it?? 

The Part 4 won first place who were closely followed by Part 1, and lastly, Part 2. Everyone did really well despite other problems that occurred. Plus, we get to celebrate Rei's birthday with the audience. That was really fun plus, I get to get a bite of the cake! Hehe

APPLES Crew, our lecturers, and friends.

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