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Book Fairs & Books

by - Sunday, May 08, 2016

After about a week of planning, my friends and me finally hit the road to one of the biggest annual book fairs there is around: The Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2016. 

29 April - 9 May 2016
Free entry

Besides the Big Bad Wolf Bookfair, PBAKL also offers books from different publishers in and out of the country, and they can come from many genres and topics that you can think of. For example, sometimes I miss out several issues of my favourite magazines (Solusi) and at the book fair, I can get them for a cheaper price because by that time, the discounts they give can make your eyes pop! It's really amazing. 

And you can also meet some of your favourite authors! Usually, they will announce their coming on their social media websites so eager readers should keep on a look out for such announcements.

And talking about meeting authors, our purpose for going out today is not to merely buy books at the book fair, but to meet and support a friend who is one!
This is Muhaimin (Left), one of the authors to two amazing books; Kepadamu Kekasih and Daun Paku Ungu. He's a brilliant and talented writer. If you ever drop by to the nearest bookstore or even at PBAKL (MAEPS, Serdang), do visit their booth (JS ADIWARNA A1050-1052 Hall A1).

Congratulations, Muhaimin!

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