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Girls Shopping Spree!

by - Saturday, May 21, 2016

Girls know when and what to shop when the time calls us to...

I'll bring this old-fashioned school bag to class. 

Wide shawl (Viscouse)
Thick, soft, and there's little need for inner!
Another bonus - Ironing is not necessary
White & hints of blue print tote bag. I think it's very vintage looking and it would look absolutely great with any outfits to class. And it gives off this very classy feel to it too.

One important criteria when it comes to shopping, is to be able to have your shawls, bags, etc. match to create new and creative outfits!

Colourful little cute owls - Tote bag

I'm in LOVE with this little bag. It reminds me a mix of cottages and London!

Some of the pretty shawls that are made out of the same soft viscous material

Each piece (shawl) : RM20
Bag : RM20

If you're interested about them, email me!

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