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Girls' Sleepover

by - Saturday, May 28, 2016

When the word "sleepover" is mentioned, I think most people who think about the times when they invited their girlfriends over their house and ticked off every girly activities they did together. 

The last time I had a sleepover was around 5-6 years ago with my cousins.  We had barbecue (sate) out in the garden, hunted down and buried bugs that were buzzing around in the house, and spent hours and hours playing and chatting.

At present time, my coursin, Nur, came over for a little girls sleepover for the weekend. And she didn't come in empty-handed, she was prepared!

These are some of the equipments and materials needed to make our own bookmark!

These are some of our "own" beads and whatnot to contribute in our bookmark-making activity. They were initially bought for sewing but we haven't done that in a while so might as well we use some of them for something really cool like this!

Here is a bead that is prettily wrapped up in copper wire as demonstrated by Nur.

The pattern engraved-looking hooks are actually our bookmarks only without the beads and other accessories attached.

Dessi didn't feel like sitting next to us and watch. Instead, she cleverly climbed up the stacks of boxes behind us to get a better view of us while we did our bookmark project.

I think she liked the bookmarks!

Here is mine, the beads weren't attached yet!

And the results!

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