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Malam Perintis Bahasa

by - Friday, May 13, 2016

On the 12th of May 2016 (it was basically last night... haha), I went to a dinner that was organized by the student body (SMF) under my faculty, APB. It was a night to celebrate last semester's dean list students as well as those who are pre-graduates. 

Just so you know, I arrived slightly late. I mean late enough that the front entrance was almost empty of people and everyone else were already digging in to the food. My friend, Angie really took her time to make-up me just because of the very idea that I'd be on stage. Anyways, I managed to get a seat for myself and some friends at one of the tables for the dean list tables. We set our bags down just before we dashed for the food table and piled our plate with rice.

EXACTONE, an cappella group lead by the president, Nadhirah and under APB sang for the opening of last night's event. I think everyone has fallen in love with their singing, it was that good!

It's not just that, everything was very beautiful and I still can't get passed over the theme gold that was lavishly decorating the hall. I'm not sure whether it's because it is my first proper dinner in degree where everyone really took their time, effort and money to dress up with the set theme: Majestic Gold, or meeting other students who I rarely see and just having fun with my friends. But I really did enjoyed myself.

Gosh, I loved the jelly they served too.

And I really should have brought those balloons back home.

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