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Mini projects over the Weekends!

by - Sunday, May 01, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers!

So I've finally got the little break off from assignments that I needed so badly since it's Labour Day today. I did some stuff (interesting ones too...) to keep my mind busy yet relaxing on a normal, lazy Saturday.

1. Sketching a friend.
So, the guy in the pic is actually my classmate, Mierul. I sketched him last night based on a selfie he took the other day. I think he liked it because the moment I posted it on Twitter, he immediately made it his prof picture. Nice...

2. Making something special.
My roommate and me were starving for a good home-made dinner, but with little left in the fridge, we were running out of ideas on what to make. Then, I remembered about the bread wrapping I stored in the freezer and Afiqah's frozen chicken.  So we made a huge chicken wrap, one for each of us. I couldn't even finish mine.

It was a thousand times better than fried rice.

3. Promoting healthy food!
My dad is coming out with a good food/lunch service that's packed with healthy ingredients (no preservatives, sugar, etc.etc)
Check out this page for more! Click here.

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