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Overnight Oats: The healthiest meal on the block!

by - Sunday, June 12, 2016

Assalamualaikum, again!

Not too long ago, my mum introduced me to overnight oats even though I wasn't a fan of one. But the moment I tasted it, I fell in love with oats ever since! It's healthy, sweet, cool and it makes me full for a good number of hours.

So why don't you grab a bottle of Oats-xious mix with an array of fruits or nuts inside?

No time to prepare your meal for Sahor? 
Oats-cious mix is instand ready mixed overnight oats. A quick & healthy meal for you for Sahor or breakfast. Just add hot water and your meal is ready. More scrumptious if it is kept in the fridge overnight add fresh fruits and honey.
Price: RM28 (Excluded Postage)

Flavours: Original
Chocolate (Pure chocolate powder used)
Your can order your Oats-cious Mix
Whatsapp: +60132506599

For more info about My Wellness Kitchen, head over to their FB page here!

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