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The Time is Near

by - Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I know, I know, the title sounds so dramatic and unnecessary but who wouldn't write that up when it comes to final exams? 
In my opinion, there is no other season in a student's life that can be more unnerving than that and I can show you one example. Students literally disappears from being seen as they lock themselves up within the safety of their rooms and hunched over books and stacks of notes spread out on their table. The only time you'd see them is meal times and even then, not all would show up. And since we're in the month of Ramadhan, you might not even spot them at all! Afterwards they'll continue being isolated until the day of the exams arrives. 

I'm sort of one of these students in case you haven't caught on. While my other friends from other universities or colleges are done with their finals, I'm still having the time of my life in the middle of revision week in mine. My finals start a bit later than theirs so I can't exactly celebrate my freedom with them just yet. 
I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not but I guess it isn't since the exam schedule is funny. Wait, funny is such an underrated word to describe this situation. I got two papers to go through next week, and one more after Eid. Like, how ludicrous does that sound? I have to study and celebrate Eid at the same time, and have to come back for one SINGLE paper? I don't think I can fully celebrate Eid as I'm sure my mind would wonder towards the need to study.

As for my revision progress, I haven't completely gone into my study mood, at least not until today. I got my violin music playlists ready to blast through the speakers while I study sociolinguistics and a long table to dramatically pile up my books until it looks like the next mini Twin Tower.

Alright, got to go and really study now. Wish me luck!

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