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1-Day Holiday Trip: Pullman Putrajaya Riverside

by - Thursday, July 28, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers!

Today, I finally have something worthwhile to write about that would make me happy and of course, my readers too. We all need a good story to read about anyway. 

It's not something new but my parents thought all of us needed a real break from studies, work, commitments, and all. So, they went on the Internet and searched up for any hotels and resorts that promise a relaxing environment for our family. Excluding Dessi, our cat of course. 

Our focused priorities:
1. Not far away from home
2. Clean and tidy
3. Got majority good reviews
4. And OBVIOUSLY, offers an affordable price

That's when they discovered Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside which, based on the many positive reviews and beautiful scenery pictures taken by visitors there, seemed to be our perfect holiday destination. 

We set out at 12PM since the time to check-in is at 3PM. Weird I know because based on my past experiences with hotels, it's usually at 2PM but it's okay, the place was spectacularly beautiful. If not for the scorching afternoon heat, we didn't mind the wait so much when we had so many opportunities for taking photos.

Our rooms were in the Rafflesia Wing and it felt very homey and comfortable. The design of the building was beautiful (give me another adjective since I'm running out of it). So basically, it was all dark wood and give off this classy yet tropical atmosphere sort of feeling. 

Not only that, they put up pretty paintings all over the place while soft cushions and urban designed furniture dotted throughout the buildings. 

And the best part of all, they have really good Wi-Fi so you can imagine me spamming my social media accounts with my pictures. 
*Sorry guys*

A partial view of the courtyard

This place gives of a middle-eastern sort of feeling to it, doesn't it?
I took this photo from the swimming pool level. Isn't it PRETTY???

The lounge

This view can be seen throughout Putrajaya but I took it from a bridge (I forgot what it's called)

In the afternoon, we explored Putrajaya like we had no tomorrow. 
This modern city is really spectacular.

One of the pretty corridors in the hotel compound

This 1-day holiday was truly worth it. Wished we had more time though!

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