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How was Your Eid?

by - Thursday, July 28, 2016

I think I will have to answer a lot to questions like this and so many others that I can think of once I'm back in university tomorrow. Of course, there has to be paraphrasing involved so that I won't be giving the same and unoriginal reply to each one that comes my way. I mean, I have to apply what I learn in class somewhere in between stages of my life, am I right?

But yes, talking about that, how was my eid this week? I guess I can say it was alright, nothing too extravagant or dull to describe, it was just nice. There were rough moments but things are a lot better now, as they always do, I think. There are many things to tell and so little time because hey hey, I got that one annoying final exams this Thursday (which I must let you know, no-one is feeling happy about) and I still have tons to read, memorize and try to keep them inside my head until the finals are over.

Well, you all know that Eid came in the middle of the week on a Wednesday. In other words, this year's Eid celebration was shorter and packed compared to previous years as most of us have only just days to celebrate it before joining in the horrendously long traffic on the highway; back to work and school. While others rushed to head back to their kampong before Eid, my family and me did what we always do best; we waited. Our strategy to avoid the mad traffic and the possibility of facing joint pains from having to sit in the car for HOURS was to go back on the day of Eid itself. 

At first, I thought it was bizarre because it would mean that we would be spending our first day of Eid on the road while others were already celebrating (and collecting their Eid money... heheh). However, after much thinking (it wasn't necessary), I realized that that was a terrific idea. And that was exactly what we did. 

We woke up before the crack of dawn to bathe, put on our Eid outfits and marched to the surau in our new coloured telekung (or prayer outfit). Mine was a soft pink while my sisters wore black and purple. I'm not saying I like pink but the colour suits me. hehe 

Anyways, the prayer went really well and so was the khutbah (something like a sermon) and it would have all been great if I had just kept my eyes peeled o-p-e-n. Yup, due to lack of sleep I almost fell face flat on the carpeted floor throughout the whole ceremony. What-a-waste-of-time. And unfortunately, unlike years before, the surau that we went to didn't serve any snacks or food to bring back. My guess, they ran out of funds or helping hands to fix something up but it was alright, we had breakfast ready and waiting at home. 

On the road, now that's a whole different story altogether. I literally did only two pathetic and interchangeable things; sleep and eat. We had a stock of snacks to keep us occupied throughout the 8-hours journey back or we might just go insane (kidding...!). I basically slept most of the time and only woke up to eat before switching to hibernate once again. If not that, then there's the occasional stops to a surau or the bathrooms at a stop. 

Besides that, there wasn't much to see outside because being on a highway basically means I'd only get the view of acres of oil palm plantations, other kids sleeping open-mouthed from another car and strangely naked mountains (illegal logging...hmm).Yup, nothing interesting, now is there? 

Amuse me, trees.

Half-way up north, we made a final stop to rest our aching joints that lacked of space from sitting at the back and just breathed in the last bit of fresh air by the beach. 
Had to stand for ageeees for this picture.

Oh, that strange blob on the right is not a UFO, no worries.

We arrived at our kampong by 9PM.

That was almost 11 hours!

Okay, keeping it all cool, let's move on to how Eid went. We only had one day to fully make use of the second day of Eid so my family, including that of my uncle and grandma really made sure we visited as many houses of relatives and old friends as we could. And throughout our trip from one house to another, we ate and drank a lot as well. At least, I thought I did. Nope, I'm pretty sure I packed up thousands of calories on that one day visiting trip.


Like when can I burn all of them?!

The next day, it was time for us to return home. Again, we stopped halfway through our journey to stay the night at a nice and secluded resort by the same beach. We really loved the sand to be honest. And here were the things that we did:

1) Posing for the hundredth picture of the same pose.

2) Taking award worthy scenic pictures and videos.

My footprints look fat... I blame all those Eid cookies that I had

Ugh, she totally ruined the entire video!

 3) The highlight of our time on the beach was OF COURSE sculpting with sand. It wasn't a sandcastle, in fact, I have no idea what it was we were trying to build but I guess it was something of an irrigation system. We built two deep trenches or holes that were connected by small water channels that led to the sea. It took us well over an hour to get it done. While we anticipated for the waves to enter through the channels that we built, I kept a careful eye on our masterpiece after a couple of kids thought it would save them their energy from digging up sand if they stole from ours. grrr...

On the following day, we started our journey on the crack of dawn. We used the old road system to avoid any potential traffic and to be honest, I loved these old backstage sort of roads because I got to see old traditional houses, the orang asli playing by the roadside, seeing flourished fruit farms, and well, I finally had the chance to see real tropical forests from outside the windows. There were mountains to awe and the humongous trees growing from the distance. 

It was a wonderful trip back home.

So my question to you, how was your Eid?


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