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Sort of like a Make Up Haul (First ever -_-)

by - Thursday, July 28, 2016

This may not be new for some people like my family and close friends, but I'm not the type of girl who wears make-up on a regular basis. Other than the occasional messy, squiggly eyeliner, make-up is pretty much non-existent in my life. The main reason behind this is perhaps because my skin is quite sensitive to certain cosmetic products that has strong chemical ingredients. My skin would be left red and irritant, dry or break out after using the wrong products.

My mum, sisters, dad and me hit the mall not to stock up on more make-up, but to get the right skin care products for our sensitive skins. According to my mum, caring for our skin is more important than coating and hiding the fixable imperfections with make-up. 

1. So first up, I got a lip balm from NIVEA Care & Colour, Rose for RM13.70

I got it after being told that I do regularly have dry and cracked lips, especially when the temperature is hot or cold. The special thing about it is that its white core helps to moisture the lips while the outer coloured section of the stick enhance our natural lip colour. I got the rose which has a very light shade of pink while my younger sister got NIVEA Care & Colour, Red with a darker shade of red. I would opt for hers because the colour is more evident on the lips rather than the Rose. 

 2. The Body Shop Olive Soap (RM17.00)

My first impression when I gave it a sniff was that it has a really nice fresh and soft fragrance to it. I don't know too much about its benefits but it seems alright and I'm willing to give it a go!

3. The Body Shop Vitamin E: Aqua Boost Sorbet (RM85.00

As you can tell, this product that acts as a moisturizer is really, really pricey so we had a thorough discussion among ourselves whether to buy it or not. There are actually two types; the one that we purchased is in a form of gel so after you rub it on your skin, it feels soft and not sticky. The other one is a type of lotion but both pretty much share the same function. It's great for people with sensitive and dry skin. 

Later on at home, my mum tried it and she said her skin felt a little hot, and she guessed it must be an allergy reaction. I haven't tried it yet but I will later tonight. I just hope my skin is okay with it or else it would be for nothing! (huhuuu)

4. The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner (RM80 something...)

To be frank, I never knew just how important a toner is for my skin until my mum and the salesgirl told me. It's really important to freshen up the skin after dumping it with make-up or whatever product we use with. According to the salesgirl, we're supposed to rub it in an upward circulation to have it effectively on our skin and when we want to put on make up, we rub them  down our face. Different directions, see?

So, we purchased a bottle and distributed it among ourselves in small containers like these:

It'll be easy to carry and use anywhere! (Unless I lose it)

5. A large hairbrush, TESCO.
I broke my old brush so I bought this one at TESCO for almost RM6. It's very relaxing to the scalp but one of the spiky thing fell off and I'm not sure who to blame; the manufacturer or myself. 0_0

If these products work on my skin, I'll buy one of my own and if they don't then... (fill in the blank). Hahaha But we'll see!

Got any comments? Do post them below and we'll discuss more about getting the right skin care products suitable for our skin.  :)

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