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Trying to Stay Fit (Finals edition)

by - Thursday, July 28, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers!

It's been about three weeks since Ramadhan first started and I'm just glad that I've finally gotten the correct momentum to go through it. Compared to previous years, I figured that I made a good start with clean and clear intentions. Back in the days of ignorance and immaturity, Ramadhan meant nothing more than a month that demands of me to be strategic in two issues:

1) How much I should eat so I can survive during the day
2) How much energy I should burn so I won't pass out (it was completely unnecessary)

With that sort of thinking secured inside my mind, I was unconsciously buried deep into the depths of hibernating mode. I was gorging on as much food as the capacity of my stomach could allow, adding up second and third helpings of rice, taking generous chunks of bread and homemade pastries, and washing it all down with a hot chocolate drink. The list could go even further if I want to (but I won't). 

The results of all that?

It wasn't pretty.

In fact, it made life slightly difficult for me in the few hours after sahur. Things such as, I don't know, holding my guts from exploding while I was doing rukuu' and sujud proved to be difficult times indeed and I think I can relate this to a lot of people. Not only that, with all that food swimming inside my exhausted stomach, I was sleepy and couldn't concentrate in doing anything that required my utmost attention. Basically, I spent a good number of hours sleeping into the wee hours of the mornings and not getting much things done. 

Gosh, those times were hilarious. 

So to summarise it all, I was fasting without much of its observable and unseen rewards. I added on more weight than I could in other months of the year and burning it all away proved to be a difficult mission. If that wasn't solved, I dreaded Eid when rich foods are bountiful and appetite is hard to control. And we all know how hard restraining ourselves during that season can be!

So this year (coming back from the intro section), I choose to eat moderately at all times; both during sahur and iftar, I do light exercise workouts in the day, I get planned to-do things done, and I'm a lot happier; mind, body and soul. I still get sleepy though but it's under better control. No worries.

Hope you're spending your Ramadhan well and until then, good bye!

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