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by - Thursday, July 28, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet. 
And a very Happy Ramadhan! 
Honestly, I'm not even sure that I can even be here, on the Internet, when in just a few hours, I'll be meeting the jaws of death. a.k.a. my scores for my first sociolinguistic assignment project and Test 1. I'm not sure how well I did but according to my lecturer, our scores weren't good. AT. ALL. It sort of frustrates me because I know I did my best. I spent almost my entire one-week mid sem break to prepare the report and along the way, I frequently studied for the test. I'M SO NERVOUS...

And talking about tests, I have another one later today. I've got mix feelings about this too as I'm not exactly sure just how prepared I am right now. The good news is, even with just 2 hours of good sleep, I can still function like usual and I can still make jokes bright and early in the morning. Maybe there's still hope that with this optimism going on in me (I really want to know where I got it from), I can study at ease and just ace the test.


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