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What if the Flu Strikes?

by - Thursday, July 28, 2016

...the flu strikes?!

After spending almost an entire day doing the least productive stuff that I could think of, my body has finally succumbed to a dreadful flu. I didn't catch it from my anybody else. It all came me. The consistently changing weather took its toll on me today. 

I couldn't help it. After days of studying or digging deeper into the depths of my assignments, I realized that I needed a break, even for just a while. I watched and read through a few tutorials, set up this blog (which in my point of view, is absolutely pretty!), and right afterwards, I scanned through blogs and websites for news. So yes, basically I didn't really do much.

And just to show that I wasn't alone in this my cat, Dessi, also shared the depressed sentiment. Here is the evidence:

Dessi after a 5 hours of sleep. I don't know how she still adorable in here because if it were me, I would look like a mess. :P

The yellowing colour of these orchards illustrates the state of my health. The only difference between me and the flowers is that it still looks pretty, while I'm too busy sneezing and sniffing non-stop.

Hope all of you are in good health! 
Please don't catch the bad bug from me!

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