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How "Maybe" Changed Me

by - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Maybe... Yeah, I'll do it."
If the word maybe didn't become synonymous in my life, I wouldn't be where I am today. Although for most people, it is usually related to the times when we contemplate whether to just lay in bed and look like a suffocated sloth underneath the covers, or actually get up and get some work done (throwing out the rubbish, doing assignments, look human, etc.). 
Back in school, I was quite popular for a couple of reasons but not in ways that you imagine. I wasn't much of a beauty, in fact, I was a nerd through and through. I wore super tiny glasses, my irregular positioned teeth were caged by braces, wore disoriented school hijab (never liked those things anyway. They don't go well with spectacled girls!), oversized school uniform and added up with an overwhelmingly heavy backpack. I had the brains too (I still do... hohohoho) particularly in English and History.
However, those arent't the reasons why I was well known for. Among my friends, I was the "guru" of saying no. I rejected invitations from friends to join in what could have been fun events held by the school. At the time, I thought those things didn't matter. Excellent test results and being the top student were more important. While my friends practiced and cheered without a care in the world in the cheerleading squad under the blazing sun,  I was inside the safety of our classroom and studying like my life depended on it. It was like that for a while right up till I was in my foundation year. 
Then one day, during the start of my second semester, a lot of activities were being set up and a majority of my friends got involved. I was left quite alone with my books and a phone that was low on data. And then I also realized how unhappy I was even with my proud results from the previous semester. I later decided to join in hiking trips, debating and a whole lot of events within the expanse of a semester.
And it all started out when I said, "Maybe I can do that" instead of a plain and affirmative NO.
Daily Prompts - Maybe

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