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Lots of Love, Dessi

by - Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hello, everyone! It's Dessi again.

Tonight, like many other nights, my mistresses drilled me with exercise because I've gotten a little plump lately. Of course, I'm still very adorable, they all say that anyway.

They threw plastic balls as far as they could from across the room and I chase after it. But unlike a dog, fine cats such as myself don't do the fetching. I mean why should we do all the extra work of bringing it back after having to run so fast?! It's simply outrageous!

I can creep so silently that you won't even notice me!

I love this game and I'm NOT tired yet... okay, just give me a few seconds and then I'll be ready!

Anyway, got to go on my usual bugs/lizard pest control parole.

See you all later!

Lots of love,
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