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Running into Week 2

by - Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet people!

I've always had a strong passion for sports and anything that would mean I get to really challenge my stamina. I don't know know how to describe this feeling but I like to challenge myself and sports seems to be the key for that. 

Jungle trekking during my foundation year

Black belt in taekwondo

And this basically explains why I signed up for SAF (Sukan Antara Fakulti), Sports between faculties which is a huge contest between faculties. You can also think of it as another way of meeting up with juniors and seniors you haven't met often enough, and other students of different courses!
Met these really awesome bunch during last year's SAF for tug of war

Anyway, I've been training for futsal for almost 2 days after class hours and it is tiring. I blame it all on myself since I didn't really work out lately. If you remember, that during the week break, I was sooo busy being a dysfunctional human being at home that I guess I can say, I was just nurturing fat under my skin (exaggerating but yeah).

To be honest, I really wanted to sign up for archery because it has been my DREAM to play in one. I think my childhood has been tainted with the idea of how cool it is to play with an arrow and bow from the movies Narnia and The Hunger Games. But who could blame me? It IS cool. And just yesterday, I got in archery for SAF. They will filter us, that's for sure and I'm still considering whether I want to play it. We'll see how the training goes. 

My heart still belongs to futsal. I've been working really hard during the training sessions that giving up now seems rather a disappointment, and not just for my team (although, I am super awkward at playing futsal) but myself as well.

Anyways, sorry for the super slow updates! I've been so busy lately, I have assignments crawling their thin wiry fingers on my neck, training, and of course, the Apples Initiation for the Part 1 (Hellooooo!) to plan for this weekend. But I literally feed on being busy.

Until then, take care!

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