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The healthiest (and prettiest) meal is out!

by - Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Assalamualaikum, guyyyyys!

Today, I want to share some healthy eating tips that I practice every day especially before heading to class. 

Being students, you all know what happens in the morning an hour or two before we head to class. We rush around the house like our head is on fire

We are always out of time

And this usually mean we don't have the spare time to whip out a good breakfast just enough to last us till lunch break.

But you know what? Oats-cious is a brilliantly, "engineered" and high calcium meal that can guarantee you filling full throughout your morning classes or any other time of the day!

Plus, it's a great substitute food for those who are working to lower their weight like I am!

It's so easy to prepare because all you''ll be needing is hot water (unless you want to add fruits in it, all up to you!) and BAM, there's your breakfast!

Interested to know more?
Hope over to http://mywellnesskitchen.net/

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