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5 Minutes Story (Self-Dare)

by - Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I really want to write something different this time, so I'm starting off this little challenge called "5 Minute Story Time Challenge". All that I have to do is write about anything that comes to my mind within 5 minutes. I'm not a very creative person with my words but people say I have really good imagination. I think.

But yeah, that's basically it. If you want to try it out, just leave a link of your post in the comment box below. I would TOTALLY love to read them. 

So here we go (unfiltered):

Image result for summer wallpaper

Okay, I have this really wide black cap hanging from a pin on my bedroom wall. It's completely black with adorable white polka dots all over it.

I bought it off from Daiso for just RM5 and I usually wear it when I'm out jogging/racing with really fit grandmas and grandpas at the park. To be really frank, I have a critical case of the sunburn especially when the weather is hot (like it has been for the past few weeks). And now, there's this horrible and unattractive dark line all over my face and according to my estimation, it'll take me 2-3 weeks for it to fade away. 

So, my advice to all the girls out there, where lots of sunscreen lotion, bring it with you everywhere like it's your last oxygen tank, and an umbrella is always handy.

The end. What's your story?

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