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Speak Out!

by - Saturday, October 15, 2016

Assalamualaikum, Internet travellers! 

Thanks to my senior, Fira and her friend from UKM Bangi, things were arranged for us students of English Professional for Communiation (EPC, UiTM Shah Alam) and we were invited to participate in a public speaking competition at PPBL, UKM Bangi today.

We didn't have any transportation provided by UiTM since arrangements were made on the last minute, so one of our lecturers, Mr Imran was really kind enough to offer his car and company to drive us all the way to Bangi. He picked Fira and me first at 7AM, before making our way to UiTM for the rest. 

And since it was pretty early on a Saturday morning and we mostly slept late the night before, we were dead asleep for most of the ride.

Meet the team (Left to right): Me, Anis, Fira, Rei, Mr Imran, Nashu and Khan.

We were the earliest but not exactly punctual as according to the schedule but it was alright. We got a light breakfast and was guided straight into the preparation room where we randomly selected our topic from pieces of folded paper and OUR NUMBER for presentation.

I've always view myself as unlucky or "cursed" particularly when it comes to presentation queue number. I always got number 1 which means there's little time to calm my nerves and revise on my presentation. But surprisingly, I've been very fortunate today because Rei got number 1 and I picked out the number 3, right after Waini, an electronic device student from Year 1, UKM. 

My topic was: What is normal is decided by the society.

My cue cards looked like this. A total mess.

And there's me standing on a stage and speaking through a mic that was a few inches higher from my reach (but it was later re-adjusted much to my comfort).

Right after everyone had their turn, my teammates and me got our lunch (awesome chicken rice by the way) and played the tourist around the faculty. Someone should snap us up for the front page of a magazine because we were on fire (no, seriously, the sun was really hot above our heads).

The prize giving ceremony started at 3PM after the last event, Storytelling was over. We managed to place UiTM Shah Alam on the 2nd and 3rd place (Khan and me), with the overall winner, a UKM student majoring in psychology. I even managed to bag the raffles they were doing and won a small tin of butter cookies. 

But seriously, I really can't thank these people enough for making it possible for us to be there in the first place; Fira, Mr Imran, Dr Asiah and Dr Sai. Not only that, but also the massive support we received from friends and family throughout our experience in the competition. And lastly, the organiser of the event for being generous enough to invite us in the first place. I really hope for more opportunities such as this to come up in the near future.

And in the meantime, I want to munch through a few good biscuits and start on with my assignments. hehe...

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